China. D – cup, size 6, chiese, early 30s, BBBJ, CIM, GFE and other treats.



34 thoughts on “Amy

  1. Never saw Amy before this week. On Dec 29, 2014, I called and talked to Amanda. I asked her about what girls are available and she was very helpful and told me to come on over.
    When I arrived, Amanda introduced me to Amy.
    I was blown away by Amy’s attitude and service, literally!
    What a great girl, the best!
    Thanks to Amy and Amanda for scheduling me with Amy.
    Great Shop, I won’t go anywhere else from now on.

  2. Hi Uminaman,
    You’re correct about Amanda, she’s a very lovely lady with a great smile and personality, although, she’s told me I’m just the receptionist and not a “working” girl…….. I really want to have sex with Amanda!……. Please Amanda will you make an exception for me?

  3. Hi mina
    Is this the same Amy who used to work with you at St Leonards,
    If so I would love to see her again, what days she work there

    • No, different Amy
      The Amy you thinking of used to work somewhere in campsie, now retired

  4. Went in today Wednesday,not normally my day generally Thursdays with Heidi.Mina suggested Amy more mature lady. In walks Amy WOW!! nice smile,attractive confident lady.Great service DATY is a must.Delightfull girl. Mina has some great mature ladies working here just like fine wine.

  5. Good evening, and what a lovely evening it was, popped in and made a request to see Amy, and what a lovely choice.
    In the room, quick shower, and commenced with cuddles and light dfk. She is a petite young lady, carried her over to the bed, legs in the air, and dined on a pussy that was a culinary delight, a melting moment, the taste buds had a mind blowing sensation, she came many times.
    Oh yeah the sex, passionate, soft and smooth and…..
    Another quick shower, back on the bed and yeah……daty again…….the juices flowing, and………..yeah
    See her again…yeah

  6. It was my first time today at Hornsby 142.
    Amy was available. So charming, smiling. I booked for 1/2 hour but couldn’t resist extending to another 1/2 hour.
    I couldn’t get enough of servicing her pussy with my tongue, her butt, and I have loved her tiny feet.
    She knows how to please a man with her tongue too. Then we spent a good amount of time making love, it was so hot and sensual.
    I will definitely come back.

  7. J
    She is a passionate, naughty GEM!
    She is a sensual diamond
    with a sparkling mind.
    I need to see her again!
    Amy is the stuff men dream of.

    • J
      For AMY.
      She is a passionate, naughty GEM!
      She is a sensual diamond
      with a sparkling mind.
      I need to see her again!
      Amy is the stuff men dream of.

  8. J.
    I saw her again!
    She is so hot, such a gem!
    Amy is ‘D FLAWLESS’.

    PS: For those unaware
    ‘D FLAWLESS’ is the perfect diamond,
    not a single flaw.
    The stuff we dream of finding.

    J xxx

  9. Happy i saw Amy
    She is a delightful passionate lady
    Pleasure sensual service, she loves to receive daty, a delight to indulge
    Beautiful smile and a friendly person

  10. Does any of your beautiful girls work in Melb? I am from Melb andgirls who provide good service like Amy, Melissa or Kay.

  11. Is this the same amy that worked Sundays at a massage shop in parramatta ?

  12. Called in to chat with Mina about Friday booking with one of her top ladies. Mi na took me to waiting room to chat and make sure I will be happy with my choice. She mentioned Amy was very very good and I could say hello now. Mina called Amy to say hello, WOW, blown away. She is so pleasant and wonderful to chat with, must make time to meet this beautiful lady. So sexy and hot – couldn’t stay tonight. Thanks Mina xxxx

  13. Wow, finally caught up with the gorgeous and cheeky Amy. What a wonderful experience. Came into waiting room and immediate embrace. Led to her room like a lamb to slaughter, what a wonderful way to go, lol. Amy is so genuine, fun and so cheeky. The continual glint in her eyes as we tormented each other. Amy exploded so many times while she screwed over my hot little boy. 60 minutes was far to short for this goddess, had to extend to please her. Have to see her again soon.

  14. Popped in last night first time after a long break visiting
    Was greeted by Mina who introduced me to Amy for who I have not seen for 18 months
    It was like revisiting an old friend
    Somehow we continue our passion from where we left off
    Memorable night
    Thank you and hopefully see you again sooner
    Take care young lady
    Cheers and ta

  15. Dropped in tonight to see a new girl, but she was not available. Mina suggested I see Amy, long time since I saw her. When she came to my waiting cubicle, she gasped and jumped with joy to see me again. Was just over 12 months and she remembered me and my friend, wow.
    We had the most wonderful reunion, she is a GEM of the first class. Everything was absolute bliss, had entree, dinner and desert while Amy echoed enjoyment. Then my turn, oh what memories. Will see Amy again very soon.

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      Please do not mentioned or ask this on any public forums.
      About any ladies and business

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