Anndy. Early 20s /167cm/ from China/ size6/ she is definitely a uni school girl, natural C cup, leggy and excellent service.


11 thoughts on “Anndy-uni

    • Lovely lady. Very sweet, well spoken with better than average english making it a pleasure to talk with her.

      @D if it’s a question… I’ll answer. Being polite as I could… It’s not on offer…

    • Anndy looks like the photo.
      Mina doesn’t allow fake pics.

      How do you tell that it is “obviously fake”?

    • Book her Argo and find out then come back here and post a review. I wouldn’t mind seeing her myself lol!

  1. Anndy is a gentle and sweet young lady. She is better in person compared to the photos in my opinion. Spent an hour with her and she showed her tenderness and mirrored what I projected.
    Treat her with respect and kindness and you will receive it back in a higher degree.
    Definitely worth a visit to this beautiful young lady.

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