Rounded busty, lightly curvy with attractive leggy. She is a fun girl and offers top service.

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  1. Caught up with Annie again today, This girl really knows how to massage a cock, Slow and Firm.DATY is nice as Annie has a very sweet pussy.Out with the toys and we mix it up in various positions,Annie seems to prefer it from behind Who am i to argue!! Light kissing allowed,maybe that would change with frequent vists.All round pleasant experience with a nice lady.Cheers.

    • Called in Tuesday knowing I would be out of town Wednesday/Thursday/Friday missing my favourite WL here again!!! Anyhow Annie has been great in the past.She used to work mostly R&T’s so I always let her massage me first then Annie swings into her Tug mode😀Annie has perfected her technique and knows when too insert a finger😈 Got her to back off as I would have shot the clock off the wall.DATY is nice very sweet,MISH/Side Saddle but Annie’s favourite is from behind Blast Off.All round pleasant experience.

  2. Annie you are the master (should say mistress). When you talk I love to listen. Whatever you do to me you got me mesmerised. Beautiful voice when you sing. Love listening to your fav music. Hey, I’m even learning to appreciate Chinese Opera. Can’t wait to see you next. Actually you are worth waiting for. Happy to enjoy waiting Annie

  3. I agree with Robert, this beautiful lady has brilliant skills with her hands. I used to be best for me; now I’m second; that’s how great she is. Also great oral and sex. I recommend Annie to all guys
    that love to be wanked.

    • It’s Tuesday and as Leon Russell sang, The hard rain is gana”fall! Soaked too the skin slid into Mina’s pleasure dome to lay back and let Annie go to work with her Hand & Massage technique😳Annie missed her vocation should have been a proctologist!! Anyhow Annie says “Harda Cocka” and provides a great service with great BJ skills and Multiple positions. Highly recommended.

  4. Today was so beautiful Annie. I had missed your touch, the funny things you say, the taste of your delicious pussy and omg how you play with me. It was magic. When I see you I never want to leave. I have to see you soon. I feel so lucky to see you today

  5. wow sounds like a real cherry and would taste like a sweet mango on ice need to get a bit of that sweet pie when are you back some let me know I missing out here on this sweet cupcake when is she on next

  6. Wow johhy……..are you simply a fuktard?

    Read the bloody timetable on the home page you friggin moron. It say when the ladies are working.

    I seriously wonder how half of you guys manage to cross the road!

  7. Had the pleasure of meeting Annie in the waiting room and then being spirited away with this smiling nymph. Into the room where Annie arranged everything in the room. Into the shower and then Annie took control, working my hard friend for all she could. Fantastic pussy slide, bbbj, passionate kissing. She loves DATY, sweet tastey juices.. fantastic cowgirl. What movements she has on top, full of extacy, no Foam, shear passion. Treated my cock like a lollypop. WOW, will definitely see Annie again.

  8. The most beautiful time with you yesterday Annie. Have to see you again soon

  9. Would Annie be good for my first time at a brothel? If not, who do you recommend? I’m just a normal middle aged guy who has sex irregularly due to being away with work every week. I don’t want commitment, just exciting sex with both parties experiencing orgasm.

    • Think she is sure to be too busy for you, unless you want to book 8 hours and stay all night. Could be a bit much to start with

  10. Not how long Annie can work without any day off. Maybe I’m not the only one paid for a few hours of rest. One one can work 24 hours for 7 days straight!!!!

    • I have known Annie along time from Blacktown to here we are now very good friends I go at least twice a week and pay for her to rest we sit and chat for a couple of hours

    • Hi Rob
      Better if you come into the shop and at intro ask Annie what services she will provide

  11. Thank you so much for talking to me this morning Annie. You have to take care of yourself. You are a unique and beautiful women. Hope I can see you again soon

  12. Annie is a gem. Saw her tonight. Very much rub and tug background and cool chick to hang out with. She’s not so much into actual sex because she works a lot and it hurts her(at least that was my experience). She makes up with wih her hands and tounge though friendly attiude. Next time I will book longer with her (and not arrive intoxicated)

  13. I just had to say, I was so happy to see you last night Annie. It has been way too long. You really are a lovely person.

  14. Annie
    You are a beautiful lovely lady
    You amused me when we are together. But tonight was brief and fun.
    A prelude for getting ourselves primed and ready
    For our next encounter to follow when we parted ways to others.
    Thank you so much for an enjoyable time
    See you again
    Good night

    • Annie, thank you for the wonderful night, and your kindness which goes on long after time has been called.

  15. Had a beautiful time with you the other day Annie you now how to message a cock can’t wait to see you next time

  16. Thank you Annie. You are the best. Thank you for being so patient with me. I love how you teach me to be so horny when you wank me. Thank you for not letting me cum. I will be horny for two three days. Never want to fuck or be sucked now. Totally addicted to your hand job. I am so happy now obeying you. Your good boy always. 😍

  17. Hey guys don’t believe what I say. Find out for yourself. Annie is the best.

  18. 谢谢安妮。你是最棒的。谢谢你对我如此耐心。我喜欢你在教我时如何教我如此激烈。感谢你不让我暨。我会两三天角质。永远不想操或现在被吸。完全沉迷于你的手工作。我现在很高兴,现在服从你。你的好孩子总是。 😍

  19. Thank you so much for today Annie. I had the best fun with you. 😘
    Thank you for relaxing me and not rush. You are the best

  20. She’s a caractor and really makes the whole hour or 2 very interesting and knows how to please , she’s only been angry with her friend once with me but she got over it real quick , let’s just say she’s a part of the furniture ,

  21. Annie has taught me so much about myself over the last three years.

  22. Today you were great Annie. You always give everything you have got. I think it is only fair I give you all I have before I leave. Seeing you makes me feel so happy, like I belong

  23. Annie is good if you are into pensioners…surprising tight pussy….and best of all loves to gaggle when you fill her mouth…

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