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9 thoughts on “Annie-new

  1. Thank you for a wonderful time, even though it was an hour,
    Good to see you again,
    Hopefully next time will be a little longer.

    • A number of offensive posts have been removed from this forum by management. Offensive and threatening messages will not be tolerated.

      • So glad to see management remove posts that are harsh to any of these beautiful ladies. I personally asked management to do this on a few occasions. Well done. No woman should be spoken to or about the way I seen here. Well done management. Don’t let them in or do these things. You deserve better from clients. I miss you. You know who it is. Number one.

    • Yes, Bill. The same Annie. Not sure what relevance ‘bring your shoehorn’ has to this feedback trail? Annie is a gem, a real hostess and lovely to spend time with.

  2. Annie is sexy cool, sultry seduction with a playful maturity that provides a worthwhile understanding experience 😇.

  3. Annie is slim, gentle and accomodating. Passable massage too. A very relaxing and satisfying hour.

  4. I had her like 30 minutes but it just turned out to be 10 minutes and other 20 minutes I just left because she was rough with me, played dirty and she is mental some sort of mental illness.

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