Barbie just return

size 5 . C cup . From honking .  Plenty energy waiting for you

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19 thoughts on “Barbie

  1. She was not a time waster in my case, but I agree very horny. One of the 3 photos shows she is ex. Taken Point. Quite experienced for a 24 year old going on mid thirties. Well worth a booking.

  2. This barbie is a time waster, always moving things around, she doesn’t even want to have sex with you she’s always complaining and doesn’t even know how to treat a man, she’s to skinny and tries to get money off you in the room, so not worth it, don’t waist your money on her.

    • Thanks for your feedback Robo. I noticed you posted exactly the same comment about three different girls all on the same day. Please if you have any issues let reception know before you leave. if your issues are genuine then we can deal with them on the spot. thank you
      From 142 manager

    • Robo you seem to leave the same comment about a lot of these gorgeous dedicated girls.
      What do you think the common issue is here? Go and look in the mirror. If you want a good experience then you need to be a half decent person!

      • Robo is a troll. Most likely has multiple throw away E Mails Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail
        Never posts anything positive always negative and abusive = Troll.
        Just ignore him.

        • Robo is right saying that Barbie is skinny. Just how I like it. ☺

          But all the other comments are incorrect. Barbie is just lovely girl, always willing to please and very pleasant to be around.

  3. I met Barbie a few times when she was at Taren Point and Five Dock. She didn’t even let me to touch her boobs, let alone lick them. I booked her a few times anyway hoping she would change but she never did.

  4. Is Barbie coming back? She hasn’t been on the roster for a while…

  5. I just spent 2 hours with Barbie and it was nothing short of incredible. She is full of energy and great for GFE. My only regret is not staying for longer!


  6. Barbie is an absolute sweetheart. She has always managed to please me. If you treat her well she goes off. It’s more about how you treat the girls and not what you want from them. Be good to them and they will be good back. I will definitely be seeing her again.

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