Bella, a bubbly bodacious sex kitten. Guaranteed to lift the spirits and the tired. size5 / D cup / 160cm / middle 20s /  Malaysian Chinese mix excellent service


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8 thoughts on “Bella

  1. Wow, this is the girl I met the other night. Started off with 2 hour extending to 5. Pics are legit. She had a gorgeous little outfit on and performed a little strip tease for me to get things started. Very sexy girl. English is good. Bella told me she likes slow passionate sex. It wasn’t easy because she is just so gorgeous. Bella is the hottest girl at 142 at the moment. IMO. I left my bank cards at home that night. It was a blessing in disguise . It was very hard to leave. When ya see her you’ll see why..

  2. Honestly, I was like I almost had to force her. She responded well to a firm hand and the man taking control. She saidi was too big at first, I am above average, but if you’re a whore your going to have to learn. She did.

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