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12 thoughts on “Branda- New

  1. Playful, charming, beautiful, a great body and stamina. Brenda is up there with the best in shop. Time and money well spent. Enjoy!

    • But watch your wallet she’s quick as a flash

      Couldn’t suck the skin off a yoghurt though

  2. Good experience. skinny small tits but long nips. Moderate English where you can have a conversation. Massage is not great. Worth the money. However I have had better at Hornsby

  3. This young woman is a gambler, she deals her cards one at a time and then switches decks.
    Watch you wallet and get a health check after visitomg.
    Seriously, watch your wallet

  4. On several occasions, lady is not a word I would use ….. gamblers are risk takers.
    It’s your risk seeing this PYT

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