Hi, I’m Candy. I’m a petite size 5 Chinese concubine in my mid twenties with voluptuous C cup breasts just made for pleasure.

I have long shapely legs that crave your attention. You can start at the top of my stilettos and let your tongue guide you up the soft silky path to the sweet taste of Candy

Come and enjoy my remarkable oral talents. You will be amazed at how much someone my size can fit into her mouth. I can be very accepting at the culmination of your unbridled pleasure and given the right incentive from a generous gentleman there is no saying where I might let you unload your naked weapon. 😜

I enjoy nothing more than seeing you laying exhausted and drained after a torrid eruption of passion when I can gently massage away your pent up tension.

There is nothing sweeter than Candy 🍭



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8 thoughts on “Candy

  1. OMG. I recognize this girl from a different shop. (At least I’m 99% sure I do) I was wondering where she went to.
    I’m giving you the heads up here, she is a stunner with a personality to match. I’m going to book her first thing!
    Get to the back of the queue you guys!!
    I don’t know how long she is going to be here but I’m not going to miss out.

  2. RobRoy which shop did she use to work and what is her name. She look familiar to
    Me too

    • I saw her last week and can confirm that she is the girl that I was talking about.
      I probably shouldn’t name the other shop here but it is in the inner West and her name was Eva.
      She was just as I remember her. Absolutely beautiful and a delight to be with. Our time just kept extending.

  3. Funny how I left a negative comment about Candy because she was well below average on attitude towards he job. The worst experience I have ever had at 142. They have decided to take my post off the website very poor attitude 142 you should not have girls like Candy working at your establishment rather than remove valid comments.

  4. Had a session today. She looks great but is a little on the quiet. Oral was great and sex was great too. I would go back for more.

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