Cassie 19yo  / B cup / size 6 / 167cm / from Australia very nice young  attractive student  girl



16 thoughts on “Cassie-19yo/OZ(9.30am -1pm)

    • Very hard to see her.
      Called shop on Saturday, got told fully booked.
      Roster says she’s available on Wednesday, tried to book then got told she is not coming in. Maybe come on Thursday.

      A bit frustrating.

  1. She does exist. But the staff is playing games. I tried since Monday calling every day to book her and every day I get told oh we don’t know if she is coming Called on the actual date and been told she is already booked. So how does it work?

  2. Actually guys I just asked to book her and got same, fully booked. No reviews is a pretty strong sign

  3. She is very much real, but since she only works 12 – 4 pm and is a very young white girl she is going to be booked up.

    • She is very much real?
      So you have personally seen her at the shop? Could you give a brief review mate?

  4. The thing is no one here has ever seen her at the shop, very suspicious.
    I would say someone with spare time spend some time before 11:45am at the shop and watch if any young Aussie girl is coming.

    If she’s really fully booked she has to come in right?

    If there is no trace of her, then it’s a sure bet the shop made her up to attract biz.

    So far, I’ve tried to book her well in advance without success.

    • Seems my suspicion has been confirmed.
      Saw her on roster for both Saturday and Sunday this morning, called shop to book just after it opened. Told not sure when she would be in so cannot book. And 30mins later, she’s disappeared from the roster for both Saturday and Sunday.

      Go figure.

  5. You realise these girls are people and not products right? I have personally passed her in the hall and can confirm she is real. Some girls are very particular who they work with so just because you’re not able to see her then respect it and move on.

  6. I saw Cassie today and she is young, stunning and an absolutely delightful person. A beautiful face , a slim sexy body with size A breasts, she is everything you could hope for. Very tight and and totally delicious. She is very real and always booked out . She only knows at the last minute when she can work which is why her roster is not regular. Totally amazing and wonderful young lady to talk to. Cant wait to see her again !!

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