Stunning size 6 Eurasian decent in her early 20’s concealing a delectable D cup. Her identity is classified by the KGB. A classic Bond girl if ever there was one! My spies tells me that she is a minx of intrigue that will leave your senses shaken and stirred!


10 thoughts on “Cat-oz new

    • “Thanks guys for bringing that to my attention. It was my mistake! I’ll get it fixed”

      • “Asian Hunter’s comments have been removed because he contravenes the values of fair and reasonable comment to which this site adheres.”

  1. Cat is amazing! Stunning body and handles the job like a consummate professional. The fact she’s aussie and speaks English is a refreshing change

    • Stop the clock, there is a thing called a dictionary that tells you the meaning of words that you don’t know, you can easily look this up yourself. In case you are having difficulty with English the definition is….
      a person from Australia.

      • Ok, It appears I will have to rephrase the question for you dimwits. Please explain why Cat is not an Aussie?

        • You seem to need a lot of things explained to you. We may not be able to assist your special needs.

          Dimwits….. is that the same as dimsims ?

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