New American girl only 20yo. Young beautiful face. Innocent. A must see, don’t miss out.


Please call 0410883855 for more details.


11 thoughts on “Charlie – 20 Amercian

  1. Can someone please explain to me how a girl can be called innocent and yet be working in a brothel. I always thought that a girl had to be a virgin was called innocent?

  2. I need to know whether Charlie comes from a state that voted for Trump or a state that didn’t vote for Trump. #worstpresidentever

  3. You’re not doing Charlie any favors with the limited info. Height, bust, some physical description?

    • She’s a young blonde girl in her early 20s. Quite tall, around 170-175cm. Slim as well. Definitely worth a try, though her charges are $210/hr instead of $160.

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