Christine middle 20s/  size 6 /  C cup /  167cm /  from Shanghai of China  top top service



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12 thoughts on “Christine

  1. Fantastic
    I am hooked
    One of the best I have ever seen and such a pleasant personality

  2. I squirt the good butter from the garlic bread after this one season it

    • Is this garlic bread man alright or what? Season it??WTF
      But please I prefer not to know.

  3. What an amazing time with this gorgeous young lady. Treat her with respect and kindness and you will have an excellent experience with Christine. Worth the time and money.
    Thank you

  4. I have to agree with you dcm. She couldn’t suck a dick if her life depended on it and wouldn’t know the first thing about customer satisfaction

    • It’s almost like the same person posted a negative comment, then replied to his own comment using different details…..

      Next time guy, try visualising two different people having an actual conversation, rather than having an internal monologue.

      That way, the writing style, punctuation, and grammar will differ.

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