Asuka (cici) dame lady size 6 / DCup / 167cm / late 20s from   Singapore  call for more information

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4 thoughts on “Asuka-new

  1. Holy shit !!! has anybody got any anything on Asuka ? That photo is like dropping a bomb under what’s left of my life.

    • Yes Mate, this Lovely lady is “OUTSTANDING” in every possible way. You will NOT find another like her. She is clearly the very best. Don’t miss out

  2. This Lovely Lady “ASUKA”, is an Absolute Angel, with 2 hallucinating Halos (1 on her pretty face and 1 between her lovely legs) as her Personal Pathways of Pleasure to take her lucky passengers all the way to Heaven and beyond.
    Sweet, Sensitive, Sensational, Sexy, Special, Steamy, Exotic, Exciting, Exceptional, Erotic, Elegant, Entertaining and Enchanting are all her very own “Trademarks”. I have punted for over 40 years and never met such a Delightful Darling. You must NOT miss your chance to meet, greet and sheet this Magical Maiden, before I marry her and take her away.

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