HongKong, Size 6, cup D, mid-20’s, BBBJ is available, please ask her for perfect service that she can do.

18 thoughts on “QQ

  1. Drop in today, had half with the ultimate PSE with QQ.
    What can I say, not for the faint hearted, literally, this lady is sex machine on steroids, she knows how to perform, surprisingly bareback, walked away a happy satisfied customer, definitely will be coming back for more
    Cheers and ta

  2. guys….. if ur a first timer, dont see QQ as she is incredibly superb with her service, skills and beauty.. i got no word to express. i spend 1hr wid this queen she drined me 3times which was in loads.. anal fuck, rimming daty i thinks few other terms i cant remember off. but trust me if u thinks ur really good to girls in bed try this beauty. and make sure plz leave ur comment… qq i will see u again soon.. ur a priceless asset to this shop.
    apart from this Amanda(receptionist) she is great too, wat a service as i have to wait for QQ for 15 mins she served me so well, talk n experiences and about girls..OMFG..
    guy im gonna stop now , u shud try and leave ur comments ..

  3. I have read some reviews about this girl, that she is very good at Anal Sex. Can you let me know

  4. I saw her last nite. O man she is just a sex godess. She gave her best to make it happen. Thoroughly satisfied by her beauty n skills.
    A downside isI booked her for 45 minutes and we finished before time. Then she started to insist she will charged $20 extra as we had anal too. I told her there wasn’t any mention of when i booked her. No big deal I gave her $20 extra no regrets but its unethical.

  5. Visited QQ for the first ime on Friday, she asked me to lie front down and I thought pretty lame as she massaged away until she got down to my arse. Felt my balls up and then gave ma an absolute pleasure of a rimming. If you have not experienced this then you have not lived. Man she hit the spot I nearly blew my load. She gives a great BBBJ and in my hour session she returned back to rim me more. Hope to see you soon.

  6. Not exactly great.

    She greeted and took me upstairs. Took the shower and down to action right away. Didn’t want to talk, felt like an assembly line!

    She had an eye on the watch. Gave a long massage just to kill time. And when I asked for a second round said there isn’t enough time now as we have to keep 5 mins for shower. I have only been with Ellyn before.. And she was way better. Sure qq does more abbreviated stuff. Go to her just to get those things done. Else. Skip.

  7. QQ is awesome! Out of the shower onto the bed – rimming – then deep throat then anal – with condom – she is a super nice person to boot!

  8. Hi Does QQ do rimming? Also does she kiss and let her nipples to be kissed. What is her pussy like for DATY?

  9. Too hot to handle – surreal and exciting lady – be respectful and treat her well and anything can happen

  10. I need to book a 2 hr session with QQ .She looks hot and by the sounds of things has a very opened mind to sex

  11. Wow, well worth a visit.
    I recall seeing QQ a couple months back and was very impressed and satisfied.
    I will have to return very soon


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