Kala  early 20s/ C cup /  size 5 / 160cm / from  southern of China

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10 thoughts on “Kara

  1. If she dresses like that when meeting the guys I’ll be seeing her. She is hot !!

    • Actually dude, surprised as I am to say, but the photo is actually her and the liberties taken are minor. In fact, only difference is her skin is slightly more tan in person, but other than that, Kara is a total babe.

  2. Kara was terrific best blow job in entire place , just be patient guys if your a bit larger as she needs a bit of time. But other than that a great time.

  3. Since this lady at 64 Alexander on the weekend doesn’t provide some
    GFE as before left disappointed.

  4. Seen Kara a complete waste of time and money,worst I have seen here.
    Totally disinterested and time waister,guys steer clear from this one.

  5. Complained endlessly that I was too big. Had to do all the work myself. Anal out of the question

  6. I think I seen Kara the other day gave me an amazing natural bj which made me finish before I wanted to it was that good

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