New uni girl  Slim model figure fresh. Pretty size 6 C cup .Crystal’s personality and perfect looks will take your breath away.



34 thoughts on “Crystal 20yo – Just back

  1. What a pleasure it was.. If your slightly above average size, be patient,, let her ride you and enjoy those rock hard boobs in your face.. let her nuzzle into you as she cums hard then flip her over so she can watch your cock! Guaranteed she will let you plow her and orgasims some more until you blow loads!!

  2. Has anyone else been to see Crystal? Are the photo’s and age genuine? How is her English?

    • Don’t trust this picture. I can’t say it is not authentic, but blur made her looks young. She is actually around 30-35 y.o and her attitude is negative and rude.

      • Jason, I think that you have the wrong lady my friend. Crystal wasn’t even working in 142 at the time of your post and there is no way that she is in her 30s.
        As for the photo, I can vouch for it that it is 100% authentic.

      • Jason
        you must have mixed Crystal with some other girl?
        Crystal is very pleasent, pics are authentic and she is in her mid 20’s
        I would put Crystal in top category if such categories existed.

    • Wayno, the photo is genuine. If anything she is even better looking than the photos give her credit for.
      As for her age, I can’t say for sure. It’s impolite for a gentleman to ask a woman her age. 😂 20 might be a stretch but she’s not far off it.
      Her English isn’t the greatest but I wasn’t with her for book club!!

    • Photos are fake.
      She is tanned,not fair skinned.
      Also she looks like a seasoned professional WL, not an innocent girl as portrayed in the photos.
      As for age, its hard to say, my best guess is 30+

      • Kris,
        photos are 100% authentic. You probably talking about some other girl?
        Hornsby shop publish authentic pictures only. This is why i like Hornsby shop.

    • Jason, it is definitely a different lady that you are talking about. As I said she was away when you wrote your post.
      She is one of the cutest, sweet young ladies in the shop.
      An absolute cracker to behold and one of the most affectionate girls I’ve ever seen.
      You might owe Crystal an apology old mate.

  3. She’s pretty good to me.I enjoyed our moment together.maybe you didn’t rock her the right way.

  4. Dont know how she usually is, but today she decided to come in to work sick – stopping the best part (sex) mid way through and insisting on finishing with a hj.
    Not going back if that’s her attitude towards her job.

  5. i saw Christal few times and she was always up to the high standard.

    you must have been unlucky?

  6. He is not unlucky, i had the same experience. We spent $ there for happiness.

  7. I don’t get how anyone could be negative about this wonderful courtesan. Crystal is sensational. An amazing body. Check the photos. She is quiet and gentle. Very Zen. Maybe not everyone’s approach, but if you want a great massage followed by a dream come true, she’s your lady. Welcome back beautiful!

  8. Crystal is awesome. Beautiful and sexy. 200% amazing GFE that you never forget. Her message is actually very good that absolutely worth afterwards.
    However, she is not your PSE type.

  9. Can anyone help me out here. I have got to choose between Paris and Crystal. Can anyone recommend either way?

  10. I have been with Crystal a couple of times during doubles bookings. She is young and slim and smoking hot.

  11. Crystal v Paris. I prefer Crystal’s nature. More open. More Zen. Really sweet. Love Paris too, but maybe she’s more commercial. Both are accomplished.

  12. Crystal is the best, she is so sweet and caring, she makes sure you are 100% satisfied, I would keep on going back to her. All the photos are real and she has such a lovely body.

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