Daisy early 20s  / D cup / size 5  / 163cm / from  China call for more information 0410883855



10 thoughts on “Daisy- student

    • Have another look 👀
      The first photo says “similar to this girl”
      Obviously the girl doesn’t want her actual picture on the internet so 142 is showing you what to expect.
      At least they’re not presenting a fake picture as real!
      Other shops would just post a fake photo

      • I understand a girl doesn’t want her picture to be public. But one pic is for very skinny girl and another is for quite curvy girl. How should I interpret similarity?
        Similar pic doesn’t have any value to me? It is just confusing.

        On another topic I have a car I am selling. The body is similar to Ferrari. Anybody interested?

        • Actually if u look closely , its same girl, she is just in dress which shows her curves off. If u dont like her dont see her, personally i think she looks great cant wait to see her

          • if you do google search you will find both pics at different web sites. Also the girl with same pic works today at 533 at the same time as at 142.
            Supergirl Daisy

  1. Just fuck and abuse like a piece of meat….she is being promoted as a “hamburger”…

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