Darin is our gorgeous Thai pocket rocket. Always smiling, she will take care of you like a king. Size 6, late 20s, with spectacular D cup boobs, awesome curves, she oozes sex. GFE or PSE depending on your mood. And of course Darin provides some very special extra services, including anal and toys. Treat yourself to the horniest pussy (and arse 😉) in 142.

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41 thoughts on “Darin-Thai

  1. These pictures are not of her !
    I spent time with this lady yesterday and she knows how to have a good time.
    Tight pussy & even tighter ass.
    Give her a go.

  2. This women has the hottest body at 142 at the moment IMO. It’s on the barrel of a fun, fucking smoking hot. A must go to girl:

  3. Darin is the sweetest woman I know, she has a great personality and and I’ve known her for a few years and has the best sex drive, she is a sex mashine and a really cute friend great job Darin

  4. Just back from a great time with Darin, what a beautiful girl. Incredible tits, and a great body and a pretty face too. Joined me in the shower washed me down and gave a couple of teaser sucks, hopped on the bed and licked and sucked and kissed everything, I was totally on fire and would have fucked anything that moved. Good English, lots of fun and a fantastic screw. I really like this girl and I will book her next time. A++!
    I can still taste her pussy when I lick my lips.

  5. Darin is one of the best girls at 142 at the moment. Awesome smile, pocket rocket body and the most epic enhanced tits you’re likely to see…….

  6. I just finished a session with her which included the highlight of using her black butt plug to gently open up her tight little Arse so my erect cock could slide oh so smoothly deep inside……..

  7. And she’s not one of those girls that offers anal for 5 secs then says it’s all over, she keeps going and gets right into it……

  8. Saw Darin for the second time tonight. She is simply stunning. Pretty face, a body to die for and funny. What more could you want

  9. Please excuse my ignorance, but can someone please give meaning to a few of the abbreviations:
    Gratitude in advance,

  10. Darin is amazing, i spent 2 hrs with her, she is open minded but always safe, she is funny, she will kiss u all night and get right into it, she enjoys herself, she has a body that is simply stunning, so if your looking for wild time with a great connection go see her.

    • Sadly to say , I seem to have had similar experiences to the above gents and the girlfriend experience is somewhat diminished. However, I shall not be deterred and look forward to my next encounter with this amazing lady after which she will be hopefully no longer on the roster. Wish me luck boys.

      Just to add , I had the most incredible experience ever with Karen recently the other Thai chick at 142 and these two together would represent the most epic double imaginable. I can see myself not knowing which way to look , or what to do for that matter.

      • I’m confused OneMoreHour! Why do you hope she’ll be longer on the Roster?

  11. I’m confused OneMoreHour! Why do you hope she’ll be longer on the Roster?

      • Im sure youll support her decision to keep working and cumming time after time with each guys cock deep in her throat etc lol your dreaming mate, i know darin, a lovely girl who i see most weeks.

        • Ha ha Nail , thanks for your support
          And to you Chris I have nothing.

          • Im just stating facts. She loves her job and the money. If u have connection thats great but dont get caught up in what your feeling in the moment its not healthy

  12. All due respect Chris but your initial thoughts were out of line and disrespectful. Please my friend take breath next time before you exhale your vomit. Or maybe just choke on it.

    • Its not that, i know she is beautiful and wonderful in every way, it would be easy to fall for darin. What im saying is its unhealthy for your friend to fall for a working girl. I wouldnt want to see him get hurt .

      • Thanks Chris for your carefully chosen words. I have in the past fallen for a W.L. and I am still relatively new to this game but being the hopeless romantic I am half the fun is falling then hoping n seeing how far the lady will also. Futile possibly but that’s the game and I’m still enjoying and learning. Darin is good value, I respect and enjoy her person. And she still hasn’t said no to my marriage proposals, even the one from this morning.
        P.S. glad you didn’t choke. And if you were concerned about me what the guy in Fedora.? Yuck!!! Poor Darin.

        • One more hour, I’m gathering than you don’t see any other ladies there at 142 or any other shop?

          • No ,not since I met Darin anyway, I’ll give her one more chance.
            Pointless not trying I reckon.

          • Good to hear. Good luck than…life is too short!

          • You know this will end in tears right? I speak from experience with falling in love with a working girl. I don’t regret what I did, nor should you, but just don’t expect a great outcome. Keep your wits about you and try not to get too emotional, because trust me, the girl is unlikely to reciprocate your emotions. Don’t want to be a wet blanket, just take care my friend.

  13. Dear Delightful Darin,

    Only a few times in life do you meet a girl of your beauty and class. I would love to meet you and totally complete the kissing of your delicate hand and see where it leads.
    Until I see you again,
    Best Wishes and beautiful thoughts,
    The guy in the Fedora.

  14. If only the girls cared for me as much as you blokes i would be a happy man.

  15. You want to marry her?
    At least now your paying to fuck
    Marriage is basically paying not to fuck LOL.

    In that case ill take your money.

    • Cumstains just clean up after yourself okay. The lady and I making excellent progress and at the moment the future is promising. No need for your cynicism. Thanks all the same.

  16. Wow, what an amazing lady. She makes my heart beat at 180 bpm everytime i see her. She definately is a goddess

  17. I love Darin, she’s my babe and she’s the sexiest thing ever, wishing she’s my gf.

    I wish a love to you my love and I missed you a lot

  18. Darin is beautiful. Her smile is uplifting and a pleasure to be in her company.

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