Another Korean sweetie. Lightly curvy, busty D cup, Slim but not skinny. Her working schedule is flexible, please call and see if she is available.

66 thoughts on “ELLYN

  1. I’m interested in booking Ellyn some time in the future. I am just wondering, how tall is she and what services does she offer?

  2. Spent a few hours with this stunning Korean beauty last night. What a massive asset for the shop. Ellyn is a fantastic lady and I cannot speak (write) highly enough about her. I am smitten! Ellyn you rock babe! See you soon.

  3. Ellyn is a pretty girl maybe around mid 20s. Only knock on her is she doesn’t like her nipples sucked or kisses. Aside from that she’s hot looking and has a tight pussy. 8/10…

  4. Just had a quick half hour with Ellyn. Not quite as slim as the pics but a very good service and real cutie giggle. Exceptionally good BBBJ and was happy to 69 which was very very nice with her smooth shaved tight pussy. Highly recommended. … and I’ll be back next time I’m in Hornsby.

  5. I just spent another two wonderful hours with gorgeous Ellyn. It is very special to be with this lady; and wow she tastes good! She is an adorable young woman and she keeps me coming back for more, xox babe.

  6. I booked Diamond but through confusion ended up with this beauty. She loved sucking my cock & licking my balls till she was so horny that she climbed on top of me & slid herself down my pole. A scream of pain as she took the entire length of my shaft deep inside her tight pussy & we fucked till both orgasimed more than we thought possible.
    Round two began with doggy & ended up with me on top till she could take no more begging me to stop fucking her. But she sucked my cock till I filled her mouth with cum.
    A total asset to this place so give her your time as I am sure she will show you guys the best time possable

  7. 1h with Ellyn.. last night.
    shes beauty & cute
    always smile pleasant attitude. and Ellyn is a very very fantastic unbelievable girl service is good with shower, BBBJ skill CIM very busty curvy bust ass bust good! wow!
    I swear I promise
    See u my goddess
    addicted u!!
    you must not try to evade your responsibility
    make me mad

  8. Spent 1h last night
    gorgeous Ellyn Amazing busty body real bust
    nice BBBJ pussservice.
    beauty smile see you next week

  9. I have seen Ellyn twice in the last week. She has a wonderful laugh and a great BBBJ technique. I always have to extend my visits with Ellyn and I would highly recommend her.

    • I hope the management has a photo of you on the wall of shame and refuse entry when you appeared
      You sick puppy
      Does your mom clean up after you

  10. Stupid Bastard. you do not know what a toilet is for. What did you expect her to do, wipe your ass for you. I hope Mina never lets you back in again.

  11. Serves you right jake.

    She did the right thing.

    These people are human beings and deserve the respect and dignity all are due.

    Good on you Ellyn. Do it again if anything like this happens.

    Bloody cretin.

  12. Jake, whether your story is true or not.

    Get help, You’re a nut case and a juvenile twit.

    The anal stage of sexuality should be long in the past for one old enough to get through the front door of a brothel.

    The only impression you are giving to others is contempt and maybe in the kinder readers a slight touch of pity.

    This is the sort of thing my son went through at about 7 which is about normal.
    If he goes to brothels as an adult I assume and hope does does so with adult respect. That way he will get a good reception from whoever is lucky enough to lie with him.

    Again therapy is in order whether the story is true or false. You have seriously retarded maturity.

    As a long term client, any lady exposed to this sort of behavior without prior warning is more than justified in giving you your marching orders, good on her.

    Ellyn go for it, you did the right thing. Do it again and don’t hesitate to do so.
    I’ve always thought highly of you as a person. that opinion has gone higher now. you are a lady.

    • Lol, a married man visiting a brothel. Get some counseling and repair your relationship.

      • He may not be married or in a relationship anymore.

        I don’t judge people anymore and neither should you. There are lots of reasons for guys to visit brothels, some good, some bad. Just nobody should complain about any consequences of what they do.

  13. What is with all the hate on poor old jake? He is just speaking his mind. You all should be the ones ashamed with your juvenile use of pedestrian terms like DATY/BBBJ. These ladies deserve our care and respect both in body language and words of eroticism. As for me, I let my toys do the talking. POP they go one by one!

  14. thanks jakey for giving me free extension last time i was there. hopefully mina doesn’t find out. LOL. when are you working reception again? message me mate. u beaut!

  15. I have never been to a brothel before and would like to. Can someone pls tell me what I can expect when I walk in the door? Is it private? I would hate to be seen by someone I may know. How do you select the woman?

    • Either you go to a private cubicle or to one of the rooms. The receptionist will then send one of the girls to you. You can say no and they will send another. If you want to see all the girls then let the receptionist know. Alternative phone and book a girl then just turn up at the time. If you want choice stay away from Friday and Saturday nights.

      • Thanks very much. Do the girls shower as well? I’m looking forward to my first time though a bit nervous. Will probably try a morning.

        • They shower at the start of shift and after each client. Some will also shower with you. Best idea is to talk to the receptionist about what you want.

        • Donot try her. Try other girls will let you enjoy. She may cast a shadow for your first sex as it will not be pleasure, at all!

    • Of course not! She even does not like people touch her. Well, she will offer her service. But I personally donot like to be treated as a robot. I donot know who will be enjoy her but I would say she is the worst

        • I disagree from personal experience with Ellyn. If you connect well, she pretty much becomes your girlfriend in the room. I have seen here more than 20 times and only the first time was ‘robotic’ since she did not know me yet but I figured her out very quickly and this is why I cannot get enough of her now! She is literally one of the nicest and cutest WL’s i have met.

          What you can take away from this is that she needs to like you before you get those ‘extras’ you guys are seeking. She is not the girl that gives everything including the kitchen sink on her first ‘date’ with you because it’s her job. For this kind of service, you will need to see Mina’s other gems – who are also very good!

          • first of all, what kind of a guy will see her second time after being treated as a robot? Secondly, 20 times wow bro. 20 times! I am here to relax not develop a relationship. Through there are many girls I see regularly just because I feel good for the first time. I highly doubt you are hired. Bad is bad, just donot want more gentles to waste money and time.

          • Btw, are you the same guy drop a poooo in the bathroom? How dare you cheating here?

  16. Ever girl is different. ever client is different. If you are a first up client or a long time client it is their choice. you can ask them or try a little peck at first and see where that leads to.

  17. Ellyn is so good. I met her before she gave me gf feeling. I am still love her also I getting feel like she is my gf. I think so she is number 1. in sydney good service working girl. No one do same like her. Also she so pretty girl. She so good girl and has good heart.

  18. When she can work there? I miss her so much. I didn’t see her long long time. I love her, i miss her, i don’t want to see other girls. I can grantee about when you met her , will fall in love the moment.

  19. Can i tell you something? She was different from other girls. If you respect to girls , girls respect to you guys. If you kind to girls, girls kind to you too. Also if you rude to girls, girls rude to you and if you look at down girls, they are same as give to you feels. She is Cleopatra. Does you guys understand what i mean? If say “no” , this man is fucking big stupid. She is my lover. I love her also miss her so much

  20. Lol Jason Tan is a loser. She’s a whore. You pay her for her time.

    • So is your mum Jake. I paid for her time today and fucked her silly.

  21. Love your car Ellyn, especially with the top off. The car I meant but come to think of it.

  22. Thinking about you Ellen. Never forget you were my first at 142. Love you to see how well trained I am now 4 years later

    • She has a money all the time. She is not same as you. 🤣🤣🤣 stop the clock last seen shoving my $50 notes into a poker machine. 😢😢😢 you very poor 😢😢😢

    • Hey you bullshit too much. How she get your money into poker machine? Money should be in your pocket and you were sittling??? How did she rake your money? You are lier. Money walking to Ellyn poker machine? I think so you are lier or you gave her money last time or Ellyn gave you hurt, so you just make a bullshit story then make bad person, you really Stupid man

  23. Hey ‘stop the clock ‘ are you really crying for just $50? You must be happy when you gave her $50???right? but you are regretting now, right??? What’s wrong man??? I will give you $500 , so you just stop crying and shut up your mouth. Do you know she not working 142 hornsby already long time ago? Why you say that? I don’t know about you guys story what happened also I don’t want to know. I think you found the address incorrectly stupid man‘ stop the clock’ hahaha. You should be call her and talk to her stupid man🤣. Hey , i can get feeling about you bad person. You know that? You just want to make her bad perosn, but you found the address incorrectly stupid man. Fucking hell, you crying for just $50 also you gave her $50 last time. But you regretting now then you want to make her bad person, that’s why you say that here? Hey , just fuck off. If you want to say anything call her, or I will give you $500 just fuck off. If you want to anything complain any other working now this shop girls, no one tell you fuck off. But you very silly, if you need some money coming suck my big cock, I give you $5 fucking stupid man🤣🤣🤣

  24. WTF??? crying for only $50 ??? Fuck off stop the clock. She not working here anymore. What are you talking about. FUCK OFF ‘STOP THE CLOCK’ or come here give me you ass

  25. Hey sick puppy stop the clock. What are you talking about? You very sick , you need go to see the doctor. Why you say that? She’s not working 142 hornsby already long time ago. I am
    Still miss her, she very lovely but she’s not here fuck!!!!

  26. Stop the clock, you should be your mom clean up after you. Silly sausage. Hey no more coming here , if I see you again you should be lick my ass 😆

  27. Stop the clock, be caful behind, she is my lover. Don’t try push the down her.
    Bloody cretin

  28. What? What’s you say? again?? What??? Stop the clock??? What’s you say??? fuck off man, licking your mom ass
    WTF talking like a really finsh head. Crazy!!!

  29. Hey Stupid Bastard Stop the Clock, you very poor man. Fuck !!! $50? Just?? $50??? Hey man I can see you just try ellyn bad person, so you say that here hahaha fuck. I love her I miss her also I want to her but she no more here. Why you make me sad Stupid Bastard ‘ Stop the Clock’? And I don’t care your talking is true or not, right? But you just say about ellyn to here, that’s make me so sad.😤 be caful behind everytimes🤡

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