Fancy, our newest wild child. Very open minded, she loves to play, great sense of humour, very open minded. DD cup, you need to get in quick.


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8 thoughts on “Fancy

  1. Wouldnt recommend her. She’s an older chubby lady probably in her 40s that communicates very little and pays more attention to the asian comedy show she puts on than you.

  2. Pretty new here I think. She had been there two days when I had her recommended to me.
    Ok at sucking but nothing special in any area.
    Plenty of better girls there.

  3. Agree with Ivan. Older chubby lady in her 40s that barely says anything the whole time. Makes zero effort to pretend she enjoys your company. Definitely the worst I have been in 142

  4. Whilst Fancy is not slim, she is very accommodating ( without requesting a premium) and affectionate. Perhaps a lady for the more mature. Very open minded😏

  5. Luke summed it up …… “Chubby, lacks physical attraction.” Maybe she is “open minded” if that is code for Greek but I couldn’t bring myself to do it to her unless I was blindfolded and stoned. Especially not at $160 per hour. Well … maybe if she paid me.

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