joy new today early 20s / DD cup / 155cm / size 5 /  China

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11 thoughts on “Joy-20yo

  1. Great body, gorgeous natural ‘D’s, and a personality too sweet for the business. Sadly our first meeting (as a double with Sunny) didn’t work out because she was very gun shy after her first client. Hopefully Joy will loosen up and be a great GFE specialist. Hope to see her soon.

  2. I had a 1 on 1 with joy on sat 2nd. she is a sweet girl with a gorgeous figure. I couldnt leave her after an hour and extended the session. hope to find her again in my travels.

    • Not for me, but again, she had a rough first time customer before me. I hope she stays because that body is stacked and awesome…

  3. Joy is a joy well that body is and those tits are best ever seen naturals to die for. How can such things just grow like that. Santa should deliver a joy to Everyman for Xmas.

  4. Joy’s norks are indeed spectacular. There’s however a lot of fairly standard stuff 😜 that was not permitted/appreciated. May have been some discomfort issues? English fairly poor so the cause remains unclear

  5. Still gun shy. Not settling into the ‘job’, and it’s a shame. She is physically spectacular, and very pretty.

  6. Joy deserves special credit for her patience with my tired body. She’s also very pretty. She provided some excellent conversation while servicing me, staring at me with those wonderful eyes. She seemed genuinely friendly, even though she was exhausted after a long day. She even turned down my offer of an extra tip at the end.
    All of the assets you see in Joy’s photos are natural and even more spectacular in person, fitting together on a very sexy body. She’s relatively new to the industry, to 142 and to Aus, but she’s bound to learn quickly – her English is already better than I would have expected. She almost seems too sweet for the job, but she does it well. Treat her gently.

  7. 对于我疲惫的身体,她的耐心值得特别赞赏。 她也很漂亮。 在为我服务时,她提供了一些很棒的对话,用那双美妙的眼睛盯着我。 尽管在漫长的一天后她筋疲力尽,但她似乎真的很友好。 她甚至拒绝了我最后提出的额外提示。
    您在Joy的照片中看到的所有资产都是自然的,甚至更加壮观,在一个非常性感的身体上融合在一起。 她对这个行业来说相对较新,到142和Aus,但她一定会很快学会 – 她的英语已经比我想象的要好。 她几乎看起来对这份工作来说太甜了,但她做得很好。 温柔地对待她。

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