kiki is a new girl just arrived. Busty, natural D cup+, size 7, mid 20’s.

Ready for you and well worth a look


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17 thoughts on “KIKI

  1. Thnk u for today Kiki.U have nice soft lips,perfect for kissing.See u longer next time

    • Yes she’s fantastic lady , butiful lady , sweet heart, tanks for everything, she is top list

  2. Beautiful girls, really thankful, joyful, until now it was not so fun. But take your time as president a month ago so hard when we should be looking for booking . Of course, next time will be longer.
    I hope your manager know how valuable you are.

  3. Thanks again beautiful sweetheart lady again. Again and again and again. You are number one.

  4. You are so hot and so sweet heart every time I meet you , I einjoe all of my time. I don’t know how can I say: thanks. I wish, Mina understand your value.

  5. Very disappointed with Kiki…
    if you want ya cock wanked, stick to pornhub! By far cheaper…. worst at 142.

    • care to provide more details on what happened? her pic looks good, so I’m tempted to try but your comments make me hesitate.

  6. Very keen to please/obliging. Amazing oral. Toast Masters have nothing on Kiki. Great massage.

  7. She is useless don’t waste your time your energy including your $$ on her . Worst in 142. Hope mina will not deleat my comment

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