Lizzie  size 7 / early 20s  / D cup / from Korea / 167 cm / nice looking speek very good English very sweet to talk to




7 thoughts on “Lizzy-uni Korean

  1. This girl is troubled, great looking but she puts shit on you and gossips to the other girls about you after she’s finished with you, she doesn’t care about you at all she just wants your money, don’t waist your money on her, like most Koreans a waist of money, stay away trust me.

    • Thanks for your feedback Robo. I noticed you posted exactly the same comment about three different girls all on the same day. Please if you have any issues let reception know before you leave. if your issues are genuine then we can deal with them on the spot. thank you
      From 142 manager

    • Really Robo? She only wants your money? That’s what the whole deal is about. Why else would a beautiful young woman like Lizzie want to entertain an ignorant pig like you? Grow up!

  2. A beautiful, eloquent, intelligent lady with a pair of natural norks that will take your breath away. A body and mind session. Very different to most at 142. I’m a very happy punter tonight!

  3. I will miss my weekly heart starter with Lizzy. For me, one of, if not the best in shop. Bon voyage, beautiful lady. ✈️🇮🇪🇩🇪🇨🇮🇫🇷🇰🇷😘🚵🏻‍♂️

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