7 thoughts on “Lucinda-19 uni

  1. Yes. That’s her. Very slim. Petite v.hot bod. Sweet but a little conservative for an old pervert like me. Possibly due to age. Very little English.

  2. Lucinda speaks Canto and Mando. Lucky me I speak Canto so I get a lot of conversation with her. Her CBJ was very good, almost came while she was working it. She’s not fond of DFK (only light lip kisses). If you are into very petite girls then go for her. In terms of tightness I prefer Yoko although Lucinda isn’t too bad, just that Yoko can be picky with which customer she puts more effort into, and with Yoko not having too many customers she maintains her tightness.

  3. Had the pleasure of seeing Lucinda earlier today. Petite, delicate and gentle at first, then really gets into it. Looking forward to seeing her again soon.

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