Hi I’m Mia I’m a size 6 D cup Hong Kong girl in my late 20s and I’m here to satisfy your secret desires. I’m always being complemented on my beautiful China doll completion and legs that go on forever.

Come and see me and we’ll see how far those legs of mine can wrap around you. You better book in advance though because I’m very popular for good reason!!!


35 thoughts on “MIA

  1. I’ve been to a lot of brothels and have had quite a few girls in my time . Mia was one of the best girls I’ve ever had, she was a great host ,really friendly , made me feel very comfortable and gave an excellent service. I walked out of there six hours later getting my money’s worth , I would defiantly recommend Mia as the girl to see.

    • Thanks for your nice review darling. Mia is a slim and pretty girl. She offers the best services as well.

  2. rambo you are a fuck. go die in a small corner. these are people not your fuck toy. show some respect.

  3. I saw beautiful Miya again yesterday (Friday 24/7/15). Mia is one of my all time favourite ladies. I always feel good when Miya sees me and looks genuinely happy to see me. A welcoming hug and passionate kiss on arrival, is a great way to start to the session. We have a good “connection” and it shows in her great service during our sessions together. I know that it is not real, but for two hours it was like two lovers together rather than a WL and Customer.
    I was early for my booking and had the pleasure of spending some time with Mina and delightful Amanda. (She made coffee for me). Amanda has such a great personality and is perfectly suited for her role at 142. Just like some other customers, I have my secret thoughts about Amanda Ha Ha.

    • Alan, every man that has ever seen Amanda feels that way about her. That is also applicable to Mina. I love them both!

  4. Yeh Mia is da goodz.. Im just wondering when that hot receptionist girl is on offer… Id pay big $$$ to get between her legs, cause i know she would be a wild one….. send me an email if she is willing to offer full service as a once off!!

    • You are not wrong at all. She is a true lady, isn’t she? But I think it is not only the money, but something else. Should I learn damn hard Chinese to make it happen????? Hahaha

  5. Mia is such a sweetheart you will want to see every day & night. Thanks Mia, you are a very lovely lady.

  6. Gentlemen, Amanda is incredibly beautiful and sexy, however she has made it completely obvious to all of us men that she is NOT available. Let’s all respect that and keep our fantasies to ourselves. Thank you, Rob.

  7. Is Mia an acronym for Missing in Action or could it be the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area?

    • Mia is a sexy woman with a great body. I would love to see her everyday as she provides fantastic service with wonderful humour.

      I don’t understand what you are implying Marmaduke with your cryptic comment. If you have an issue then be clear.

      • Apologies Bartok, just trying a bit of attempted humour, which failed miserably. Agree wholeheartedly Mia is a good person, has a great sense of humour and offers good service, guaranteed you won’t be bored with Mia.

  8. Finally met the BEAUTIFUL MIA. Have tried to meet her before but she was booked out. Went to the room and met with passionate embrace. Into the shower while she arranged the music. She wrapped her arms around me and exclaimed what a great eager friend I brought with me-so big. Slowly into the most wonderful time together, will be back to enjoy Mia again

  9. Mia is one of the best. I met her at my local TP64 and didn’t hesitate at taking the long drive to see her here at Hornsby. If you can get a booking grab it with both hands and look forward to her using both hands and her mouth to send you into bliss. There’s not many who can use all three at once she tells me.

  10. Rsj.
    Mia is a Top Lady, one of the best. !!
    If you rate her 2 out of 10, then Maybe you are the Problem. Not Mia.
    Just have a look at all the previous great comments about her.

  11. Hi. Tony
    Can you leave your number or email? Address is ok, too. I wanna tell you something.

  12. Mia is a very interesting and beautiful woman with popular attitude and can pick up an easy conversation, and such a sweetheart I have some great times with her, thank you Mia 😘

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