Momo is a slim and pretty girl, she always try her best for her clients.

17 thoughts on “MOMO

  1. Honestly, she was nice.. But not very attentive.. Would only do two positions.. Gave a nice BJ but the sex was pretty average.

  2. I spent 1 hr with the sex machine, she loves to have her pussy licked till she can’t stop cumin. You right about the sex positions as I only got to have her ride my cock & doggy her slowly as she screamed if I fucked her hard.

  3. Can we request she wear that black outfit ? It’s super sexy – would be great for role play

  4. I licked out momo’s ass over a period of 5-6 hours overnight and just got home.
    wow… what a hot ass… i couldn’t get enough of it, i was like an animal.
    between licking her pussy and tasting her ass, I made her come at least 6 times… she loves having her pussy and ass licked. hot body, sexy attitude.

    i love sexy women who have hot asses.. and momo is one of those… i was toung-fucking her ass for hours with my toung buried in her ass hole.

    can’t wait for my next session of licking her hot ass hole…. well worth the noney.

  5. Momo, so good to meet you. Your very beautiful babe and you took very good care of me. Time too short so next time, soon, we can spend more time

  6. She is super cool😂 She is one of the Superstars from 141 for sure! Very good service with a Smile

    • Hello darling, thanks for coming and sweet report. This is 142 not 142 :)

  7. I got in the shower with her and she gave me the best head imaginable with cold and hot water in her mouth.. WOW!…

    She sucked my dick and licked my ass followed by incredible sex..

    Mindblowing.. Then I cummed in her mouth 😉

  8. Quite frankly, Stop The Clock, I don’t believe any of your posts. I firmly believe you are full of shit. 3 posts about 3 different girls in the space of an hour? What’s your beef, Dude? Kicked out when the money ran out? Can’t get it up?

    How about this: the common denominator in all of your posts is you. Maybe you’re the waste?

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