Monica she is the  sweet lady with  excellent  work  experience .all the service available . lsize5. D+ Cup late 20s from china

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49 thoughts on “Monica

  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful sensual pleasures with a lovely petite sultry lady.
    Dining on an over excited pussy was Devine and culinary delight.
    Looking forward to seeing her again.

  2. Monica is in her 30’s. Maybe 35 at a stretch. Great GFE. Attractive. Very sensual. You’ll leave grinning!

  3. Monica
    You are a beautiful lovely young lady and a delight to see you again
    And will see you again soon
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Ciao 🌺🌹🌷🌻

  4. It is a perfect woman, an unforgettable look and a bright smile, make you intoxicated, looking forward to meet you next time

  5. She is a very pretty woman ,beautiful skin. I really enjoyed my time with her and will be returning soon. I found her to be a passionate and sweet woman

  6. Thank you so much for seeing you the last 4 weeks
    We enjoyed ourselves being together in the many visits
    Pity what happened the other night.
    Hope you are well and happy
    Take care
    Maybe we can see each other again in a few months time.

  7. Last night with monica spend 10 hours, it is very enjoyable night. Monica beautiful long hair, sexy face, smooth skin’s I’m your queen

  8. Monica
    why can not I book for you, where are you?
    I miss you too much.
    I miss your pussy
    and your charming smile💔💔

  9. I have been visiting 142 for a long time.All new girls.Mina will let me try.monica is also one of them.Only I have been reluctant to try her.Because at first glance I do not like her.Because she is nothingspecial.Could say that she is not the youngest.Not the most beautiful in this store.So I have been reluctant to try.But every time Vicky recommends her.So I had barely tried for 45 minutes.However, just get into the rooma few minutes.Completely lost in front of this woman.God.Is she really a woman I used to knew?So perfect.Her smile,her long hair and her gentle.And her small, well-proportioned body.And her pussy And shekissed my cock’s demeanor everything are so perfect.Listen to lyrical music.Looked at her perfect face.Enjoy her to bring me all the shock.Very indulge them.This feeling is wonderful.Every girls here are good.But monica is only theone I missing.Every day want to fuck。her.Boutique woman really worth to try.

    • Unfortunately Mr G, she can only swim freestyle. Both her Back & Breast Stroke (I’m assuming this is what BBS is?) are still being developed, but she is receiving tutelage from Ian Thorpes previous coach and there are high hopes for her prospects on Japan 2020!

  10. I need to see you again. I can’t get rid of your thoughts. Because there are things that allow me to throw you off my feet and put you in my pocket because you are the best, most amazing, most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen. Lol. This is real . Enjoy your vacation. I can’t forget your smile. I just want to get you goose bumps.

  11. Had a good time last night good experience she was unbelievable will be going beeack to her again l

  12. Good evening
    It’s been awhile since I last saw Monica, about 5 months ago, but occasionally see her passing through the corridor of 142
    Then, Finally caught up with this petite screamer pocket rocket the other night.
    The usual chitchat before the fun begins, and we literally continue on from our last encounter.
    Thank you
    See you again soon.
    Ciao bella

  13. Monica. What happened, when can I meet you, miss your sweet smile, sexy and petite body, and your juicy and horny cat. But very regrettable, it is very difficult to see you, because trying to book for you many times is always told that you are not available, fucking like this

  14. Monica You are very good, I will see you soon, but this time never double

  15. Because only you make me very horny,I really like to enjoy it with you

  16. The perfect sucking ,can make the sleeping cock very horny and hard, This is the best sucking I have tried, very very enjoyable,

  17. Yes, you are right, she has Amazing blow job. Great GFE . Very sensitive. But always can’t book

  18. Crazy girl all night with her She is very hot especially her cute smooth ass and sweet shaved pussy When I left I was still very horny.

  19. Monica is warm , friendly and passionate girl she so pretty sure you will have very memorable time . Her smile is so sweet that it makes it easy to relax

  20. I hope she doesn’t return. Got the world at her feet that girl. Very special lady.

  21. Monica is intellectual lady, she will always be intellective to any of your problems, I think such a woman, her life does not belong here. But I still feel very sorry for not seeing her.

      • Spreading your legs for money is also divided into different types. There are many girls like idiots, there are also many smart girls, you fucking many different prostitutes, are there not many young ladies who are not satisfied with you?

      • I think it’s hard to get the respect of a woman because you don’t know how to look at women.

      • I think it’s hard to get the respect of a woman because you don’t know how to look at women
        Spreading your legs for money is also divided into different types. There are many girls like idiots, there are also many smart girls

  22. Shut the fuck up Monica you’re a cancer like rest of them, preying on innocents. Disgrace of society.

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