Nancy  young  attractive   Beautiful lady  early 20s /  size 6/  D cup /165cm /  from China call for more information 0410883855


7 thoughts on “Nancy-just back

  1. Nancy has been temporarily suspended from duty at 142. Thank you to our customers who brought to our attention the discrepancy with the photo supplied to us. We don’t tolerate deceptive photos at 142 and do our best to ensure things like this don’t happen.

    • I think that is an admirable stance that you are taking to ensure that the girls only give you accurate photos. More people should have your ethics and honesty. Well done!

  2. The photos should be real but also current pictures too. Not taken 10 years ago which is also deceptive. Probably best if they are taken by the shop.

    • Thanks for your comment Bob. Yes, you’re right, it’s something that I need to do. Getting new photos is a very time consuming task. Now that you mention it I’ll have to put it on my list of things to do.

  3. good to see that somebody care about pictures authenticity.

    so you should remove the fake pic in red dress. this one is used by many girls around the world.

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