Jesimine 20yo / size5 / C cup / 160cm  from Vietnam  very intelligent  uni student  pretty looking  Call for more information 0410883855

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14 thoughts on “Jasmine – Vietnamese

  1. I’m with you John , 😍 the view on that balcony is pretty good. I just can’t put my finger on where it might be though ?

    • It is the heart shaped view between the cheeks of her beautiful bum that matters. 👄👅

    • Hey Terry. Can you tell me anything about Viet Jasmine. Am wondering if she is same girl who previously worked as ML in the city. Does she have tattoo on left shoulder – a treble clef, musical notation thing?
      Kind regards

        • Okay – thanks for reply Terry. Probably not the ML I was thinking of.
          Would you recommend though?

          • Yes
            Highly I highly recommend her…I have made her my regular girl

          • Very feminine, beautiful face, small curvy figure with small breasts and wonderful nipples, enjoys sex,

          • Visit her once and you will return again and again 😊

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