D cup. Experienced in this industry. Most services are available, please come and enjoy the time with her.

28 thoughts on “NICOLE

    • Hi Chris,
      See Alice Saturday, Let her play her music, put in some tongue work be a Gentleman and all avenues are available. Cheers.

    • Hi Cris,have seen a few ladies here and all services means ALL services,try Kay and QQ also ,be nice and you will get access to their backdoor…

  1. she shouldn’t be working here.
    1. she’s ugly. no where near hotness standards
    2. she has a bad attitude. crude in the way she speaks

    she needs to be fired

  2. Samuel – I don’t know where u are coming from.. Nichole is a extremely loverly girl! An asset to 142 in fact! I have seen Nicole a number of times and she does nothing but please.
    If u are looking for a good, nice, genuine girl.. I don’t recommend – coz I want to keep her all to myself lol
    One of the best at the shop :)

        • Wednesday being Hump Day in the week!! Called into Mina’s pleasure dome with no booking,Darling you normally ring!! Have you seen Nicole before? No! Nicole strides in and has that Dark Eyed look I like, 1 hour agreed on and Nicole delivers a GFE/PSE with enthusiasm and purpose.Great Girl highly recommended. Cheers.

  3. Absolutely outstanding performance! By far one of the best girls I’ve seen. Attention to detail and very fun to be around! 11/10

  4. The session I had with this babe was nothing but top class.
    She knows how to treat a guy & once she starts to cum has no control over her body.
    Treat her right & she is open to anything.

  5. Lovely lady, but not my type at all.

    Disappointed after all of the reviews – most disappointed

    Must be me

  6. I had the best time with you today. Your talents are to die for as is your pussy.
    See you again soon.

  7. Nicole is and has been the best service at 142 for 5 months since starting. There is no serice that comes close to her sweat tender caring experience

  8. My time with Nicole was exactly my taste , and the way I like to be treated by a woman . The chemistry we shared had all the elements of a blazing inferno . Her outward beauty is second to none, her touches left me with goose bumps , she hits all the right angles in many positions , very active , very wet and sensitive. Truly drove me up the wall . I have seen many woman ,professional escorts and this I would have to tell you one of my better experiences with lots of good memories . Having a huge cock with a high sex drive I have had many dilemmas and very poor experiences due to this as many escorts simply can’t handle the size at all and also don’t know how to treat a client. It is important to have good chemistry, we not always going to find the woman who fits well,gets along well and have same drive tastes and likes. I certainly struck it good with Nicole. Super nice woman , the room was very well presented ,clean ,atmosphere of good music, lighting, clean,clean linen,hot water . . Nicole was clean ,well presented . Thank you Nicole. I felt comfortable as soon as II arrived by the friendly staff . Greeted by cool people with smiles. I highly recommend this establishment for those seeking to fulfil their appetites for intimacy with a woman . with my good experience I rate Nicole very highly for many reasons and this review is from a good source here with a lot of experience.

  9. I’m new to brothels & for such an early experience found that Nicole was so understanding. I only wish my wife had been as sensitive.

    • Steve, you will never be able to find a wife that satisfies you like those ladies!! They are just awesome and it’s the only reason why men are alive today!!!

      • David, your comments are so true. I am 53, had been married for a long time& had no idea that I could have an orgasm so powerful. I think part of it was the fact that I could also mentally get off on stimulating Nicole. I hope all future visits are as rewarding. I learned a lot about myself.

  10. Her pussy is amazing doing her bareback.So god damn tight.Didnt last long at all

  11. 感謝妮可。喜愛的開支時間與您今天。您的美麗和最好的樂趣貝貝 Thank you Nicole. I enjoyed spending time with you today. You are beautiful and the best fun babe. There is no one cums close to you.

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