Hong Kong sweetie. Size 6, D cup, hourglass figure, early 20’s, very sexy , our new star.


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  1. Spent an hour with Paris (not Pairs) yesterday. Was the only girl when I got to the shop

    She says she is 23, but I would say she is 28-30, though she looks fit and fresh.

    She doesn’t speak English, just very limited set of words, but we managed to talk using Google Translator on her phone.

    Really nice BJ, very tight pussy and descent massage.

  2. Spent time with Paris yesterday, cheeky and fun. Worth visiting, pretty girl, and amazing oral talents

    • Last time I saw Paris was on 533 roster and Kelly’s before Xmas, since then she has disappeared off the sence, who knows where she is now, cheers

      • I like next week more than next month :) Will be definitely visiting her once she is back. So far she is my best experience at your place.

  3. Either she got breast implants or this is a new girl on the photos that goes under the name of Paris.

    It is definitely not the same girl on the photos.

  4. @Jimmy – do you mean she’s not the same as the girl in these pics or you mean not the same girl as before?

    • Jeff, these are new pics and the girl on these pics doesn’t look like the Paris I met before. Probably they just brought a new girl under the old name.

  5. Hi Amanda this is not a picture of Paris. Why you trying to cheat customers. Uploads real picture of Paris.

  6. Went with paris for one hour… Such an amazing service.. Words r not enough.. BBBJ n GFE awsome. Perfect body, juicy pussy, firm boobs etc etc..
    Worth for the money. Will definetely see her again, n strongly reccomend to anyone to try her service…
    Love u paris…

  7. guys the pic is not the same as the girl face. but honestly similar body n skin.. unbelievbale exprience with this cutie… she does an ultimate PSE. from a-z… simply superb..

  8. Saw Paris today
    I can confirm that what you see on pics is what you get. 100% authentic.

    For the record, her boobs are perfect. Pics can only give you some limited visual impression. But feeling the skin softness is completely different story. Slightly visible veins through the skin makes them look like priceless marble. Holding them you can feel the weight and yet when you let go they stay straight. Just boobs are worth the visit. Not to mention exceptional oral technique, very pleasant personality and much more.

  9. Bill, it probably means they brought a new girl to work under the name that belonged to another girl

  10. Great girl. Excellent blow job skills n very energetic in bed. Be sure to try her out.

  11. Hey guys, Just hoping to get some feedback on Paris, I am a in early stages of going to brothels.
    I am tossing up between Diamond and Paris,
    Hoping someone can shed on some light on which one is better

  12. Tried Paris. She gives a nice bbbj but English language skills not that good. Nice girl though. Haven’t tried diamond before so can’t compare.

  13. Thank you Paris for last Friday. You do such a great job. Wish I could stop worrying when I’m with you that you work so hard. I think I’d be happier if I could relax more and get you to just have a comfortable time talking. I should have paid attention when you showed me the language translator app you wanted us to use so you know what I’m talking about. Think I must have drunk too much champagne

  14. I met Paris today. I booked Paris last week but mix up in booking. After seeing this beautiful lady, I couldn’t get her out of my mind, had to meet her. Today was the day. She is so attractive, I was led to her room, shower darling, of course. She has the most beautiful soft natural breasts. Into action, bbj was ok, souch of teeth, change over for some DATY. Beautiful sweet, moving to the music. Later into mish then doggy – her favourite. She came at least 3 times with encouraging moans and clenches. Was an interesting time. Unfortunately, little passion and feeling compared to Alisha and Heidy.

  15. My apologies beforehand for the sincere review to come: While Paris seems to exude a certain level of elegance, she however entertains her clients with a fake smile, not-so-graceful dancing, and a totally unresponsive pussy to DATY. 3 BIG strikes for me. Reading her body language, you will quickly realize she does not aim to please. Well, not as much as the other great girls here at least. This place is a treasure trove of wonderful ladies but there will always be some bad apples that get through the screening. I am sticking to my attentive, graceful, caring and most importantly, sincere regulars. She’s all yours gents. Good luck.

    • after my lacklustre experience with paris last time, i swore her off my punting list. but sweet mina convinced me to give here another go and WOW. while i cannot deny the lack of spark in my previous session, this one is a complete 180. Paris is a completely different person in the bedroom this time around. we had a great connection and i was completely drained after a 3 hour marathon. i came out of the shop in disbelief. i have since booked her several times after this and all were brilliant erotic sessions with her. she’s lost some weight too which i think is a plus for her already flawless looks. i am now a loyal fan. well done mina and all my love to you paris you beautiful minx.

  16. Chester, you summed Paris up, I felt she was like robotic. No emotion at all, just cold.

  17. Any feedback on if she has nice feet for a FJ? Or which girl wud be the best choice thanks

  18. Hello admin
    Can you please tell me paris is medically tested or not. Do you verify every girl often.


  19. I saw Paris today. She does look exactly like the pics and she is probably even slimmer and more petite in real life. Her implants have been really well done, beautiful shape while still soft and natural.

    My first experience with her last week was really enjoyable. This is my second visit and it was even better. The more you put into your time with Paris, the more that you will get out. If you take the time to make a connection, be sincere and gentle, her lovely personality will come out. Great sense of humour too! Those encouraging moans and clenches definitely do the trick for the second shot .

    Thank you darling. I will be back next week.

  20. Nothing fake about this hot doll…best of the best at 142…and speaks French :)

  21. If Paris is so good ( and I agree she is), why did you decide to pull out of Paris?

      • Ironic how you will leave this ignorant clown’s comment in situ- but if anyone leaves a negative comment on one of the girls because of a bad experience, it will be promptly removed.

  22. It is well known “stop the clock” has mental health issues you can now add “Luc”…

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