Ria- from  Uk  early 20s  / 160cm /  size 5 / very nice looking young lady call for more information



13 thoughts on “Ria-UK 19yo

      • I haven’t booked her, but I’ve seen her downstairs at reception, and she definitely looked 19. She was pretty cute too, very petite and demure.

        • Is she of caucasian descent? I mean she can be an asian from UK. Case in point, Cassie Aussie.

          • seen her a couple of times. she’s young, cute and very attractive. She’s also elegant and intelligent.
            She likes it gentle, tender and intimate.

          • That is the most non-answer answer right there. Is she caucasian or asian?

  1. Come on guys, what other reason could there be to include UK in her name if she were Asian?

  2. There is nothing wrong being of Asian background and from UK. It means she speak good english. I’m not even going to say the shop is misleading with “UK” label. You book her out of curiosity and that’s that.

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, just wanted to know if she is Caucasian or not so as I gather she is Asian background.

  4. Spent an hour with Ria great girl friendly, great to talk to, attractive, pretty and sexy happy to please if you treat her right. She was born in aust and spent time in England not Asian. Look forward to another visit.

  5. Seems Cassie and Ria are gone….Any new additions to their Aussie line up? Any Ideas?

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