Chinese, new to this industry, late 20’s, size 6, C cup, very nice looking.

59 thoughts on “SANDY

    • She is not new to the industry
      She has been there for over 2 years
      And selective with her customers
      I know I will not be going back to 142 for awhile

      • Depending on their personal reasons, many girls are selective with customers, not just Sandy. I have done 4-5 hours bookings with Sandy and she will not let you leave unsatisfied. Such a trooper!

  1. I agree, I have seen her a few times, and the nature of her and services she provides is worth while to continue to see her when I can

  2. Just curious – the last comment makes it sound like Sandy has large nipples. Is that true? (its a good “thing” for me!)

    • Please pay attention to timetable page or call us on 0410 883 855 for latest information. Thanks : )

  3. Saw Sandy today and had a great time,she likes having her pussy licked and i like eating pussy.then was rewarded with a very nice BBBJ followed by some deep penetration which was great and a massage to finish off.Looking forward to licking her pussy again.

  4. Had a wonderful 1hr with Sandy today , let me say she loves to cum , go and try for youself , a great way to spend the hr , Also left sunglasses behind , and 5min later got a all to say I left them behind that’s good service thank you

  5. Had a double with Sandy last week. She is very enthusiastic and really doesn’t hold back at all. Good body and charming girl (she convinced me to stay an extra hour with her charms)

  6. Saw Sandy again today i was a little tired so she had to work extra hard.Great girl! pussy is so sweet could DATY all day,Sandy provides a great service and really gets into the encounter.Maybe a double next time with Heidi.

  7. I noticed that you deleted Raj comments, you can delete mind about him, cheers and ta
    Sandy is a lovely lady, hope to see her again soon,

    • Mate im told u the truth. If someone cant digest what can i do? N why would I lie anyway?have no motive to do so. I’m annoyed as she wasted my money simple.

      • Maybe, just maybe, it was your attitude and not Sandy’s. I’ve never seen a dud or starfish girl here.

  8. Raj, You clearly have no respect for women,your comments are appalling and offensive to the extreme.You need to have a long hard look at yourself.Sandy is a delightfull girl who i have seen on numerous occasions.I think she wasted her time with you.

  9. Hehe to your and simon (coco review) comments,
    Respect the ladies, it is not an easy job for them, and the management is understanding to the clients needs, cheers

  10. Guys, enough is enough said about sandy, I am appalled by all the comments I have read, personally she is a lovely, smart, sensitive and mature young lady, and have spent many times with her, i respect and understand what she has to do, this is my public apology to say sorry, take care xox
    ps, this was a hard notice to post

  11. Sandy, what can I say about this mature lady, I have seen her many times and spend many hours with her,
    She is a gorgeous lady to have GFE,
    The oral, daty and 69 is pleasure to give and receive, culinary delights, juices flowing
    The sexual positions we part take is not for the faint hearted, exhausting and you have to be fit and strong
    Finale, is a relaxing massage and cuddles,
    She is lovely lady, and hope to see her more in the new year,
    Take care,

  12. I too seen sandy recently, and she is one of my favourites, the service she provides is quality, I have a comfortable time with her, she enjoys been treated with respect and she returns the the favour,
    Hope to see her many times in the new year, best wishes

  13. I met with Sandy today for an hour.she is a quality lady, and a delight to be with. She does her best to please and gave me a real GFE……… I returned the favour with a slow sensual massage, which she loved me for……… I can’t wait to see her again.

    • Sandy fell in love with me and my Candy Apple Red Honda VTX1800C motorcycle and I’m taking her out for lunch on it one day very soon!……….can’t wait.

  14. Yes we all fell in love with sandy, with the words whispering in your ear “I love you guangtou “, you will of course give her more and see her more often,
    Easy tiger, motor bike or no motor bike

  15. I can’t believe you sick fucks eat these girls pussy’s.

    I’m there to fuck them and unload my stale sperm not lick pussy.

    Sick cunts.

    • I hope you use protection, we don’t want to catch some disease from your stale sperm
      Treat the ladies with respect

    • That is a nasty comment Spiros and unnecessary. Personally I love to lick and suck on these beautiful ladies pussies. They are ALWAYS clean and hygienic, and every lady I have been with has the classicly beautiful purple/brown Asian labia minora and also smells and tastes great. If you are nice to these wonderful ladies Spiros they will also appreciate some deftly applied and heartfelt analingus. Also, I have to say Sandy is a fantastic young lady, Amanda is an awesome hostess and Mina runs this venue brilliantly; 142 Rocks! Love and respect sisters, xoxoxoxo Rob.

    • Hey man. U didn’t get ur stinky stick sucked by them, huh? Just come in, fuck and unload with these beauties? What a waste of money. Just stay home and jerk urself if you are happy with that. These precious ladies are doing their jobs right, no matter who we are. They also deserve to be loved and looked after. Why can’t they be happy and pleased?

  16. Hey Spiro,
    There’s something wrong with you if you don’t like to lick a beautiful girls pussy and feel her cum and squirt in your mouth!
    Besides…… Only “Real Men” lick pussy’s anyway!

  17. I haven’t even been to 142 and i’m going now. Can’t believe someone wrote in to say eating pussy is sick what a weirdo.

    If i want to unload for the fun of unloading I wank not use some poor girl. Good to see so many guys in here who genuinely appreciate girls. Keep it up men.

  18. Hi 142
    It has been awhile since my last visit
    Any new photos or update of Sandy
    Looking forward to seeing her
    What hours does she work

  19. I knew there was an uncharacteristically behaviour by some of the girls
    Which led to my suspicions
    What more can I say
    It is not only here but also at other establishments
    Take it punting

  20. Spent some time with Sandy last night and it was fabulous. We really clicked and she treated me like a Prince. A truly gorgeous girl and a genuine credit to the shop.

    Thanks babe, see you again soon xox.

  21. Met Sandy on Saturday night in reception was told she is good.
    Read the post on the website.
    Phoned through a booking (Saturday Night) for Monday for one hour
    Got to 142 George and was shown to a booth.
    after 15 minutes of being shut in the booth the receptionist and a girl came
    over and said the girl only had 30 minutes ( she wasn’t Sandy)
    again was told to wait in booth but after a while I left
    I was there about 25 minutes with no explanation and no sorry
    when I left I said I will come back another time she just said “ok”
    got no “sorry mate” – nothing !

    when I have gone to 142 and other shops I always shave and wash myself
    very well before I leave home
    I always behave and I never am drunk or on drugs
    I always respect the girls and sometimes I tip.
    I wasn’t rude to Sandy on Saturday night
    So I don’t know why I was treated that way
    Maybe there was more important guys there on Monday

    Well I spent 3 hours driving + petrol to get there
    I had $225 to spend
    I won’t ever go back.
    Sandy ? no way is she sensitive girl !!!

  22. Which Sandy did you see ? There are two Sandy”s working there. The working girl Sandy and the Sandy from the front deck.

    • the one at the front desk – nice girl bit cheeky
      was dressed down when I saw her
      and folding towels
      I was introduced to her by the receptionist
      When I phoned I mentioned the introduction
      so there was no mistake it was the Sandy
      I was introduced to 1 1/2 hours previous
      when I got home
      But thanks for the info
      didn’t know there was 2 Sandys

      • Well looks like those girls were playing a joke on me
        But they shouldn’t have accepted the booking.
        It cost me 3 1/2 hours of my day off and $30 in petrol.
        Thanks girls cos you have saved me thousands
        of dollars which I would have spent at 142 George
        in the future
        Tell that to your boss and the girls see if they
        think its funny !
        142 don’t deserve the nice guys
        Hope your happy with the disease skanks you service

        • As far as I know the Sandy that you met only does massage’s with a happy ending and cleaning in the shop. the other Sandy does full service.

  23. ok thanks John
    explains a lot
    that Sandy is very pretty
    but naughty girls for stuffing me around !
    thanks again for your post John :)

  24. I always thought there was one Sandy works there
    During the day cleaning and reception
    Sometimes at night depends on the work , full service

  25. her legs look unattractive. she’s also been in the industry way too long. been used and abused for long enough. i’ve been following the roster for 142 for a few years and she works EVERY SINGLE DAY. we don’t need sandy no more. we need fresh, new, young women.

    • My impression of her was that she wasn’t that interested. Possibly given the time she is there she has plenty of regulars who get decent service and is happy to provide similar to the right person. The others get a lower standard. For me it was no kissing and a CBJ. She is attractive and her breasts while smaller than I usually like are nice.

  26. Thank you Sandy for a beautiful time. You are so gentle, caring and great fun to talk to. You are so different. The only one for me

  27. Hi 142 management
    It has been awhile since I last saw Sandy
    Is she still working there
    I have not seen her on the roster
    Please let me know what days or nights she is working so I can make booking

  28. Hello Fellow Punters..Have seen Sandy a few times. And have not been disappointed. Mina has taken her off the roster, as she can be unreliable. But then you could get lucky and she decides to work that day. Like any other girl, treat them well and you will be richly rewarded. Have been punting for 20yrs now, and it did take me a few years to work this out. If you want to enjoy yourself, treat each punt on its merits. No two punts are the same. ie. with different girls. Mina has a great shop. Yes I am a fan and visit every week. A few simple rules to follow and BINGO!!!!

    • I completely disagree with the comment about Sandy being unreliable. She worked almost daily in Mina’s shop for years straight and has provided wonderful service to me and other patrons. Obviously, I was a regular of hers and, knowing Sandy and her relationship with Mina, if she would be off-roster now it would be because she chose to and not because of some made up character flaw that you mention above. You will be well-advised to retract that claim as this would be quite unfair on Sandy’s reputation. She is a generous and hard-working lady. Mina knows it as they are close long-time friends.

  29. Happy 44th Birthday Day for today Sandy. Good to know that you are happy and safe with your family in China. Good to talk with you last night on Wechat. Have a good day. Miss you!

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