Konnichi wa, my name is Sakura. I’m a size 7 Japanese courtesan in my mid twenties. Come and see me and be amazed at my voluptuous D cup natural breasts proudly enticing you to caress my soft slender body while I passionately kiss and embrace you and guide you to my moist inviting mound of Venus. Stroke me, gently lick me, enrage my passion as I run my tongue around your tightening sphincter and then take your rod of life and engulf its nakedness in my mouth until we are at the point of ecstasy. Let me drain your juices into my ravenous mouth or allow me to mount your sheathed manhood and take you to a heavenly bliss that only a true courtesan can achieve.



14 thoughts on “Sakura- Japanese

    • John, what you see is what you get. The photos are absolutely accurate. What she says in her introduction is what she does and more. She is the real deal. An absolute stunner with a desire to please

  1. She is pretty. But finished 15mins earlier. I payed for 45 and actually got 30. Since she knew little english had a hard time communicating with he. No lip kissing.

  2. Young, fit and taller than average Japanese girls. She only speaks Japanese or sex, no other languages. I can’t get enough of her body, I will come back for more of her.

  3. Sakura is great.
    Is she still on the roster?
    I miss her a lot

  4. Very excellent girl-woman, Sakura may send me broke … Hahahaha, in a double with friend Selina .. a very different type of woman in every way .. was a true indulgence.

  5. Beautiful lady, but all a bit too controlled/limited. Personally, I prefer a little more access. Could be a cultural thing.

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