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  1. I saw JoJo on a Thursday in July and at that time she gave an erotic massage but did not do full service.
    Does JoJo now do full service or is she still just doing erotic massage.

  2. Hi,

    I like 18 or 19 year old busty lady. Please let me know if you have any and when does she work?


    • Hello Neil, we have different girls everyday, please call us on 0410 883 855 for latest information. Thanks.

  3. Hi, I’ve noticed the name “Wendy” on this week’s timetable, but I don’t see her on the list of ladies. Can you tell me a bit about her please?
    By the way, I’ve been to your place a few times and always left with a smile – you have some lovely ladies there!

  4. Season greetings and best wishes to the new year, thank you for the lovely treatment, respect and hopefully more coming next year, take care to the management, mina and Amanda and Sandy and to all the young ladies working, lots of love and kisses and hugs, xox simon

  5. I would like wish all the lovely ladies at Hornsby 142 a wonderful chirstmas and a happy 2015 , and to my special ladies merry Christmas and I will be visting you soon in 2015,,,,, and a merry Christmas to Mina and Amanda

  6. Merry Xmas&Happy new year to all the delightfull ladies at142.
    and to management Mina&Amanda also.SeeYou in the New Year.

  7. After being imposed by greed and deception from one of the ladies and management, I made a decision to boycott visiting 142. I have informed senior management of my disappointment, therefore I ended a good friendship. Cheers, ta and bye guangtou

  8. Hi mina
    Is this the same Amy who used to work with you at St Leonards, I see her on the roster today
    If so I would love to see her again, what days she work there

  9. I would like to wish the management and all the beautiful ladies at 142 a very happy Chinese New Year and good fortune in the Year of the Sheep.
    You probably do not know me. I am a good friend/customer of Yomi.

  10. Hi, could you please provide a little more about Zoe and if you could picture up that would be even better. Thanks

    Sir Donald

  11. I have been reading some of the reviews on the new ladies, looks like the quality of services from the new ladies are not up to 142 standards, things must be slipping.
    I see why a few regulars are venturing to other establishments. I am one who is also trying other places, hornsby is to far to go to now, save on fuel go local, cheers

  12. Hi Mena and Amanda
    I visited LuLu on Sunday, she is a lovely lady!
    Will you put Lulu’s profile and picture on the site?

    • Hi will you put LuLu’s picture and profile on the site ? and which days is she working?

  13. If your looking for great service and a ladie who knows how to give a massage I would highly recommend Mia . She’s a absolute cracker and always aims to please cheers

    • Hi Mina&Amanda, I think some of the older reviews on some of the Ladies profiles need to be deleted as posting new reviews is being rejected, Cheers Robert.

  14. Can you let me know if Kay is willing to see to gays at the same time one to fuck her pussy one to fuck her ass?and how much for one hour .

  15. I have enjoyed the ladies at 142 for many months and will continue to do so for many more they are all lovely ladies. it has just come to my attention that some ass hole while enjoying a lady took off the condom without her knowledge. this is NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVOIR by anyone. it can also be a criminal offence, namely assault causing harm. I would love to catch this idiot and teach him a lesson.

  16. I have been trying to call you to make a booking, why i cannot get through or have you call me back

    • The landline has not working for one week so please call 0410 883 855. Sorry for that.

  17. Hi there, what time is Ellyn available in Monday evening? Does she do BBBJ?

  18. Hi Mina and Amanda,
    Thanks for the coffee and the pleasure of your company yesterday while I was waiting for my booking with Miya.
    I think that I will come early for my future bookings. Ha Ha.
    Have a great day.

  19. Hi how are you just been looking at your Site and the hot sexy girls and Hot Sexy bodies. I would like to cum there full the full service but I do not know your location.

  20. Hi Mina and Amanda.
    I am having a Happy Father’s Day.
    It would have been even happier if I had been able to escape to come and see Miss Mia. 🍷🍷💋💋

  21. Great to see that Yomi is now working on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
    I have to travel a long way to get to Hornsby but it is always worth it to see my favourite Ladies, Yomi and Mia.

  22. Gentlemen can we please act our age when offering reviews on this site? Instead of using ridiculous acronyms such as DATY, please use the correct word cunnilingus. It takes perhaps two seconds longer to type. These moronic terms are something I imagine primary school boys use.

    If one needs to refer to the Urban Dictionary for a definition, then I believe the abbreviation or phrase has no place on this site.

    These are just my thoughts and if you disagree with me please let me know.

    Love always to you Mina,
    Sincerely, Rob.

  23. Good morning mina
    Happy birthday young lady
    Best wishes on your special day
    Take care
    Hugs kisses and love

  24. rob, starting to show your old age ey? we all know Mina’s girls here prefer us younger gents to you geriatrics and your toys. don’t even try to begin and censor this site mate. you do not own it. your reviews are welcome, but not this rubbish you just spewed.

    • Dear roflcopter, thanks for your candid response. Please note that I never attempted to censor anybody. As I stated “these are just my thoughts and if you disagree with me please let me know”. Let me know you did and I appreciate your candour. I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree on that subject.

      However I do not believe that at the age of 50 I quite fall into the geriatric category just yet. As for the ladies preferring younger men, possibly, although I am unsure what evidence you base this claim on. Even at my ripe old age I know certain ladies enjoy my company as they frequently tell me.

      Anyway thanks again for replying, Rob.

      • The truth is that what the girls like is men that are respectful. Of course they would like younger attractive men but not if they behave badly, and a lot of them do, more so than the older men.

        • Ahh Bruce perhaps that is the secret of my vast appeal? As my youthful good looks wane my respect for women rises in direct proportion.

          A point I would like to make is that I am more inclined to read and consider comments that are shared when a real name is supplied by the author. I find this preferable to ‘spewing’ forth a brief missive behind the safety of a virtually anonymous username.

          Again, just my thoughts and nay-sayers or supporters are welcome to voice their own opinions without fear of censorship or reprisal.

          Yours sincerely punters, Rob (50 years old and proud of it).

  25. Well said literate guy. You seem to be a gentleman in the prime of your life. I envy you and I couldn’t agree more with your astute reflections. You are an absolute inspiration to us younger men. We can all take a leaf out of your book.

    I can’t wait to see your next comments because you rock hard brother.

    Cheers and respect ✌

    • lol. here’s poor old Rob blowing smoke up his own ass. can you be more obvious? hahaha. Now we know how pathetic you really are. Cant get a partner in real life and have to regularly resort to shop girls! rofl! rob and his toys – how sad can you get? I kind of feel sorry for you knowing that euthanasia is illegal here. Fortunately, suicide is not.

      • so easily riled. so easily manipulated. 50 years old, no love life, and talks to himself on a punting shop’s comment section. what do we call this gents?

        that is correct…P A T H E T I C

        you are not better than anyone, my tired old friend. Make your slow trek to The Gap. We johns will bring the flowers. au revoir.

      • WOW!!! and me thinks me seen some lonelier types out there but this rob guy takes the cake i hope the ladies ladies watch out for him he seems like a psycho the ones you think are nice then kills ya in the end gives me goose bumps!!!

  26. I have to agree with the recent comments regarding the Ladies genuinely liking some of us “senior” guys.
    I am a lot older than Rob but I am “loved” by the ladies that I see.
    I look OK (very good for my age) but it is mainly the way that I treat the Ladies that gets me great responses from them.
    I show them respect, I talk to them and I am genuinely interested in their lives.
    I am gentle, considerate and respect their boundaries.
    Often their boundaries are “extended” but this is the Ladie’s call.
    These simple steps are second nature for me and do not require any effort.
    I know that some guys might regard this as crap,
    But, it works for me every time.

  27. Alan, you must be knocking on Heaven’s Gate being a lot older than me. By the time I struggle indoors on my frame with my carer’s aid I am ready for my lullabies and nappies and sleepy time. You must be some sort of superman to resist the ravages of time that turn men like us into repulsive, unattractive worthless beings that young men if they are wise will become.

    Seriously though Alan this is about me and roflcopter. Strangely I have never come across his handle (too passe?) on any other thread ever.

    Let’s rejoice in our love and respect for these delightful ladies. Try not to die onsite cos remember only the young men are great. But wait, when I was young I was married to a spectacularly beautiful 18 year old woman and we had two gorgeous children together. Divorced now it is true (my call).

    If these young guys are so hot why are they not with young women of their own?

    I’ll leave you to ponder that Alan as I get my nightly nappy changed.

    I hope your oxygen tank lasts as well as mine.

    May Peter heed your banging (upon those divine doors).

    Yours in senility,

  28. Rob “DATY” is a stock standard term used in this industry – it is very well understood in conversations about sexual services and escort ads.
    If u do any reading on sexual services you will see it and many similar terms used constantly. I therefore disagree and suggest u get used to them

    • Freddie, thank you for your response. I was being rather flippant in my previous critique; I fully understand what terms like DATY and CIM mean. However what I failed to express successfully is that these terms (to me) are somewhat dehumanising and belittle the ladies that we all love to see. Just my opinion and open to further replies. Thanks again, Rob.

      • It is not dehumanising if the ladies themselves are the ones using them nowadays. Time to get on with the times old man.

  29. Hi 142
    I think the management should start reviewing and censoring some of the unwanted reviews and comments made by so called punters trolling the website

  30. Hi 142
    Could you please remove Freddie so called useless trash talk comments
    All he seems to be doing is trolling the website
    It is totally unnecessary

    • Hi Chris, Selina is still on holidays in Hong Kong, but pretty sure she will be back soon.

  31. Hi Guys
    Just want to encourage all the punters out there to give the shop and staff a little leeway as they go thru the “joys” of construction.
    Remember it is all for the ongoing benefit of us, the customers.
    More rooms = less waiting time etc.
    Bye John

  32. Hi Mina, thanks for your support today to finally arrange my booking with beautiful Yomi, xxx

  33. Jake
    Why even post to here.
    If its a true story then you are a complete idiot and deserving of whatever life deals to you.
    If bullshit then just as much an idiot for wasting peoples time.

    Take a hint (if thats possible to get into your small brain) you were wrong. No comeback, no comment on your behalf will ever change that.

    • Lets leave Jake TheTroll to his own Sick Sad World! And the rest of we like minded individuals can get on with enjoying the delightful ladies at Mina’s pleasure dome. Cheers.

  34. One of these whores going to get a visit from ol jakey tonight and im gonna fist them and ruin them

  35. No way. I like to make them scream in pain with tears running down their faces. No gentle sex for jakey

  36. Hi same question with Matt, NEVER had sex experience before, is it a good place to start this journey?

  37. And also, does the safty of health have guarantee? Is there a wechat we can add to talk any time? Thanks!

    • There is always a risk if you have a bareback (no condom) service, even though the girls have regular health checks and don’t catch diseases often. Have oral and sex with protection and no kissing and the risk is close to zero. The truth is that once you have had a BBBJ it is very hard to give them away. If you just want to find out what this sex thing is and then go and find a girlfriend than it is sensible to take more precautions, and it still will be a lot of fun. It is your choice.

  38. Thanks Ken for your kind message. Hope my post did not offend anyone. I am simply interested in experiencing this place and just want to konw whether I would encounter tough situations from experienced guys like you.

  39. They are all cute and have active personality’s. It is part of their job’s. One young one and two older one’s. All wonderful and make you feel at home.

    • The first time I ever went to a brothel, I asked if the receptionist was available. She and the WL just laughed. I think it is a fairly common mistake and almost always a no.

  40. The receptionists may not be available, but it is worthwhile to treat them very well as they can help in finding the perfect WL for you.

  41. Hi Mina, thanks for introducing me to Annie, what an experience. Love your cheeky smile as I was leaving, xxxx

  42. Beautiful Mina. Its time for you to remove the girls from you webpage who no longer work at the shop! There are seven pages of girls of whom half are long gone. And many of the girls have been giving the same names. Again very confusing and frustrating. You are a wonderful hard working woman and I love you always. Thank you.

    • Just ignore the troll gents. But don’t forget to bring toys when you rock on up and could we please, please just drop these pedestrian sex terms: DATY/BBBJ/CIM, etc. It annoys me to no end! I may be an old fart, but I have class. Unlike some of you here, obviously.


  43. Oh Dear, Jake the Troglodyte Troll is of his Meds again! Ignore this idiot Gentleman.

  44. Don’t make me use my toys on you jamey boy. You are guaranteed to POP!
    Now…. where would you like it?

  45. Hi Mina, Amanda & Vicky.
    I wish you and all your lovely Ladies a very Happy Easter.
    I always look forward to my long sessions with Yomi and/or Mia.
    Sometimes both of them together.
    I was looking at my records, it is a year ago now, that I saw Beautiful Chocolate on a few occasions at your shop.
    We clicked immediately and had a “Special” relationship.
    I knew her from another shop, but I could not see her there as she was rostered on the same day as one of my long time regulars. (Yomi).
    She told me that she was going back to China soon but she left very quickly. I was so sorry that I did not get a chance to say a proper Goodbye to her. I still think about her. 😢
    Yomi and Mia help me to forget her. 👏👏

  46. Dear Mina. You really do need to go throu your list of ladies and remove all the ones that no longer work in the shop.To many now with the same names. To many with no photo and not enough information. You are a beautiful hard working woman and I would love to spend time alone with you. Xxx.

  47. Just to let everbody know it seems that there are two of us John’s leaving messages I am the John from March 20th. 21st and 29th.

  48. Dear Mina. It is time for you to shut down the shop website and clean it out of the 4 pages of girls who no longer work in the shop. Many have been gone for two years. And too many clients are now just arguing with each other instead of leaving comments about the girls. It would be better for your business to renew the website. You are a beautiful hard working woman and I love you always. Xxx. John.

  49. Looking for feedback on Eric (on Wednesdays roster). It’s good to see that gender is no bar to working at 142. I keenly await this feedback and I hope It goes well Eric.

  50. Oh well, it looks like Eric’s brief foray into the world of 142 has come to an end as the roster has now been adjusted. It was short, it was sweet but Eric’s career now appears to have ended.

    • Eric is back on Wednesday, I assume it should be Erica. Otherwise it is one more thing that I won’t be trying.

  51. Hi Miss Vicky, thanks for sms today to let me know my favorite lady was available. Sorry I couldn’t make it today. Will see you next week. Thanks for your cheeky smiling voice.

  52. You need to update the cost of the nude massage on your webpage.

  53. Robert good advice. Suggest you stick to known good girls, like Sandy, Summer, Yumi and Paris

    • I would of stayed with my faves Bernie but I was punked by that kid, Cham, into thinking he was Mina on text messaging telling me to make the long trip to Hornsby as ‘she’ had a nice girl named Barbie who gave ‘very very good service’. My heart sank as I drove home feeling like a complete chump of a school boy swindled of his lunch money. I hope Mina gets to address this before other patrons get conned. Mina is a hard-working lady and deserves all the success with her shop, but having grifter receptionists won’t get her there.

  54. Hi Mina, it is nice to be welcomed when coming to 142, you are always pleased to see me and ensure that I am looked after. I am not just a number or mobile ATM. thanks Mina.

  55. I was replying to a legitimate complain from a other client about bad service has been removed.

  56. Hi Mina, thank you for trying to rectify the disasterous booking with my fav girl. Having travelled from the city after confirming the booking and find out she took another longer booking 45 mins before I arrived. Please don’t let this happen again. Subsititue lady was good but not the same

    • Hi darling, That’s for sure. Thanks for your understanding. We are trying to do the best.

    • Hi John
      The timetable is updated daily for the next 2 days.
      Sometimes girls may change days.

  57. Good morning 142
    Have you got problems with your website time table. There appears to be an error in viewing the roster to see who is working.

    • Hi Ted
      (and other 142 customers)

      The timetable part of the Hornsby142 website is now supposed to divert to the xxoo site.
      It is a much more easy system for everyone.

      Thanks for your concern and vigilance on behalf of 142.

      • Good morning management
        I do not like your website time table linking to another website
        I cannot view it and shut down my phone
        Please bring back your old time table format

        • Sorry that you have had a problem. We have checked on a number of third party tablets and phones and it does seem stable. Not sure what the connection issue may be. Call the shop mobile anytime on 0410883855 for any info and help on current rostered ladies.
          Thanks for your feedback.

  58. Thank you so much for having me. You made me welcomed by your warm friendly greetings . I felt so comfortable. I was treated so good by the beautiful Nicole . She is such a beautiful woman . I will be back again soon. X :)

  59. I think that it is time to update the ages of the more long time girls. Some of them have been the same age for years. There is nothing wrong with showing the girls true ages. Thank you.

    • Hi to all our wonderful friends.
      A number of you have advised of a glitch with the timetable link from the home page. Seems to be a random problem that we are looking into. Some tested Apple and Androids work but others of the same tech fail.
      Our apologies while we fix it up.

      Please note that when you look at the home page , a list of ladies appears at the bottom. These will generally be the rostered ladies for the current day. (Although it can be out if ladies pull out for that day). Also the rostered ladies will appear at the top of the “Ladies” link.

      Hope that this helps while we address the issue re timetable links.

      • When is Kay back on the roster? Been absent for some time. Best WL in the Parlour.

        • Hey robert
          Im tempted to try Louise but i think ill stick to my regular who is wild and 10/10 Nicole cant wait to see you 😀

        • Hi Robert
          Kay is back and on the roster. Working every Saturday and waiting to see you.
          But please call to confirm her availability.

  60. Hello to all our wonderful customers and friends.

    Some of you may still have issues with seeing the timetable link correctly.
    So we have changed the Homepage page to now show the latest ladies that are rostered that day.

    Hope that this helps.

  61. Guy who took phone call bloody disgraceful. Ill give 142 benefit of doubt that it was a one off, this loser should be fired.
    Mina will chat soon

    • Hi Chris, I’ve spoken with this lad before and never had any issue’s. He speaks well and understands what you need. Maybe an off day.

      • Maybe, hope so.
        It just put me off for night.
        Ill be back as i love the place and the girls are terrific

  62. To Mina and all the girls. Happy Chinese Valentine Day for yesterday. Xxx ☺

    • Not sure yet. Still overseas.Sorry that we can’t provide more detailed information.

  63. Hi Mina, so happy you suggested I see Maggie. Such a sweet loving lady. Couldn’t get over how I was hardly able to walk, lol. Thank you for looking after me being delayed in very heavy traffic. xxx

  64. Hello. On the XXX Reviews webpage for the shop timetable the name Sammy keeps coming up. Who is she?

  65. It was wonderful to have a long session with Yomi today.
    I was privileged to be her first customer on her first day back after her break. (I made my booking some time ago).
    She has lost none of her skills, always a Top Session every time, with this Special Lady.

  66. Lynn gave me the gf feel that I never had before with any other girls. She treated me like a bf from the very 1st time. Since then I always had her but suddenly she disappeared. Lynn, we want her back!!! Please!!!

  67. I totally agree with you, Sang. Lynn is the best so far. I never write any comments but for Lynn, I give her my best regards. Lynn, please come back. We all miss you.

  68. I totally agree with you, Sang. Lynn is the best. I never write any comments about any one but this time I have to just because of Lynn. Please come back, we all miss you.

  69. I had another great long session with Yomi today.
    We have a long history of special times together.
    We shared a double with Ayumi for an hour as well. Ayumi is another top Lady.
    We enjoyed a very happy hour together, (our second double in recent weeks). Yomi and Ayumi get on well and it shows in the way that they work together. We shared so much good fun and laughter. It was a very enjoyable session for all three of us.
    I wish that I could take them home. Ha Ha.

  70. Hi Mina and Vicky, thank you for helping with my wicked Angel last Friday. Stayed for 2 hours, seemed like only 10 mins. She is a dream.

  71. Kung hei fat choy.
    Best wishes and Prosperity to Mina, naughty Vicky, Cherry and all the wonderful ladies.
    Give my wishes to my special Angel.

  72. You should get the lady’s to stay off their phones when they are with a client
    We are paying for their time and all they want to do is get on their phones
    I’m a regular here but if it keeps up you have lost a valuable customer

  73. Dear Mina, thank you for re-introducing me to Amy, she is wondreful and we had a great time together. Please be more careful with some new girls and their ability, very disappointing.

  74. Thanks miss Mina. Kiki every time make me very very happy. She is best in your shop

  75. have just texted to book in for a visit at hornsby 142, replied as ok. all confirmed. turned up on time but got told by the reception that i was late for 5 mins so the lady is now with another customer, if i still want to see her come back at 5pm.
    what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!:fire: i texted you. if you want to cancel it simply text me back so dont waste my time drive all the way here for disappointment. this is not the first time ever that i have been treat like this. i believe i am not the only one experienced this. if you dont show any respect to your customer then i go to somewhere else. goodbye and good luck to your business.

    • Yes, you are not the only one. This happened few times for me even without delay.

    • Hi

      Dear Andy, Wtf and142 customers.

      Management agrees that it is not an acceptable outcome for our customers to miss out on bookings.

      We advise that we will discuss this issue with all reception staff.

      We will endevour to offer a better service in advising our patrons re changes etc.

      Mistakes will always occur but we will work to reduce their impact or frequency.


  76. Hello, just asking, has Ayumi stopped working now? Is she not ever coming back?

  77. To many girls who have long gone still on your website. Time for a good clean out.

  78. I heard you might be able to see Summer at Roseville Rose. She’s a darling and deserves support and gentleness

  79. Hi.
    I haven’t been able to get to 142 for a few years now… serious relationship got in the way.. that problems sorted now.. so I was intending on stopping in tomorrow (Tuesday 11 july) to spend an hour with 2 of the lovely ladies there.
    As I don’t know many of the current talent pool.. a few names ring a bell… could any of you regulars point me towards the ladies that work together comfortably… last thing I want is to pick 2 girls that don’t really get on… has happened to me before and don’t wish to repeat it..
    If there’s any that like to put on a good lesbian show.. then they would be ideal… however If they don’t then it’s no deal breaker for me either…
    Btw… love reading all the reviews and posts here.. must say, that generally speaking, you all seem quite respectful of the WL’s and this comes through in your posts.. . One of the reasons I want to come back to the “fold” at 142..
    Anyway, looking forward to the suggestions…
    Thanks guys…
    Little G.

    • I had a great time with Mia & Annie. Summer & Mia has also been recommended to me.

  80. Dear Mina, you are a very naughty lady enticing me to increase my booking time with my Angel to 2 hours, number 1 lady. Oh what an exciting time we had together. Thank you, talk more next time – had to run, sorry.

  81. Dear naughty Vicky, thank you for telling me my Angel would be there on Saturday morning. I understand she has to have her rest time. She is a wonderful lady, the most wonderful 2 hours we had together.

  82. Mina please put up real photos of the girls not fake ones like Alisha and Jasmine. Its not good for your business trying to trick customers

    • we apologise for misleading anybody. we just use photos that are provided by the girls and we are not sure of their background, however some girls do spend a lot of money having professional photos taken. Hornsby 142 appreciates your feedback.

  83. What has happened to Monica? She has suddenly disappeared of the shop website along with the comments about her! On the website there are still girls who have been gone for a long time and never coming back! So where is Monica?

  84. Thank you naughty Vicky for letting me know Yomi was available on Thursday but fully booked for Friday. Worked out great to see her on Thursday.

  85. Guys , everyone should understand the possible consequences of what we all post . Any ulterior motives should be left off this site and everyone should be brave enough to resolve any issues in person . Its very easy making up lies and post from the safety of your lounge room .

  86. Wassup watto umust b her boyfriend
    Most guys including me appreciate honesty
    I am no longer a customer at the shop,because of health and management issues. If the management and the girls presented them selves honestly we would all be a lot better off.

  87. OMG………. AYUMI.
    Its almost 2 yrs since l first booked you and you just keep getting better and better. You make everytime with you feel special. Never get the feeling its just a job and you always find a way to send me home totally satisfied. Thank you beautiful Ayumi , cant wait till next time x

  88. Ooohhh james james james!!!
    This is just another attemp to by the management to trick the punters
    If you were for real you would have posted your comment to the lady in question on her page
    Not in defence of past comments, you must be a shop plant
    Once again honesty is the best policy
    If the shop is going to delete valid comments why have this facility available
    I challenge the shop to leave posted comments or shut the whole comment section down. Other comment sites provide a better picture of the shop bring back bernie and simon

  89. Hey I sore a tranny there a couple of weeks ago had a great time best bj I have ever had but can’t remember her name anyone know her name I would love to see her again

  90. Hi Mina, wish you and all your lovely girls, Vicky and Cherry a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in the new year

  91. Hi. Thanks for having me. You know you always been good to me, welcomed me in your establishment. I appreciate it. It is why I kept coming back. The woman all are beautiful in their way. And do a terrific job. Every woman is not always going to suit particular person. It is understandable. No matter what the chemistry is I will always respect all the staff and workers. So I just want to thank you for making me smile ,and feel close intimacy with a woman. It has helped me so much. I can be single and have an open door at your establishment to be close to beautiful woman. It is something every person longs for. And if the chemistry is good and makes it so good I could not give you words to describe how Beautiful that is. Take care I look forward to coming in again.

  92. I saw Iris today. My 1 hour booking ended up lasting 4 hours.
    Why. ??
    Simple, she provided me with a great session.
    Look at her photos, don’t be deceived by that cute smile and her innocent looking face. Ha Ha.
    Behind closed doors she knows how to tease and please guys, even an older guy like me.
    I hope that she stays at 142, I think that she is a potential STAR.

  93. First time with Iris. Great suggestion Vicki. I had read what Alan said and respect his judgment. What great fun she is. She worked out how to tweak my buttons very quickly. Be back soon

  94. Do you do a massage with a happy endIng and what type of massage is it

  95. I had another great session with Yomi today.
    I have been overseas and I had not seen her for 3 weeks.
    Today in 3 Hours we made up for lost time.
    I never tire of seeing her.
    Every session is special with this Beautiful Lady.

  96. Often a forum that invites comments on the establishment is a soapbox for people to vent their grievances. It is not often that positive comments are left.

    Tonight I would like to share a story of honesty and trust.
    As I left the shop today after a most pleasurable afternoon with the gorgeous Lucy I handed the man on reception what I thought was the right money and continued out the door.
    The gentleman goes by the name of Charm, ( probably to make up for the fact that he isn’t as pretty as the other receptionists ) anyway Charm came running after me asking, “did you mean to tip me?” “You gave me too much money”

    He then returned what I had overpaid and went back to the reception.

    This type of honesty needs to be commended and acknowledged
    This just shows what a top class establishment 142 Hornsby is!

    Thank you Charm,
    Thank you Mina.

  97. Hi. Rob Roy.
    I was happy to see your positive comments about Charm.

    I had a similar experience with Cherry on Reception, a few weeks ago.
    I overpaid her while she was upstairs organising things.
    It was some time later when she was checking the money that she saw that I had given her too much.
    I agree, these acts of honesty should be acknowledged.

  98. Bit of a random request but wud anyone know which girl has given a good footjob there?

  99. Mina,
    I had a very disappointing experience. I booked Jasmine for an hour. I arrived and the receptionist said she was already booked. I showed the receptionist my phone with the texts confirming my booking. The receptionist told me that a regular customer wanted to book Jasmine for 3 hours so he got the booking over me. I am a regular and you’ve now lost my business. The receptionist promised you would call me to discuss this, but no phone call. This is not the way to treat any customer, especially not a regular.

  100. Similar circumstances for me. Booked, turned up early for my booking, but the prior customer was extending, but I was asked if I was willing to wait. I was ok with this because I’m sure I had inconvenienced someone else by extending my own time. The girl gave me some special treatment in appreciation and said the client also said thanks. Bottom line is it’s up to the girl who she chooses: a one hour Customer who may extend, or the one who pays for three hours up front. I’m sure restaurants will also prioritize a table of three people over the booking for one.

    • This was the first booking of the day, so it wasn’t an extension situation. Feel free to piss a customer off, but accept that my business goes elsewhere from now on.

  101. Visit there at 9pm.
    There was a SUPER pretty receciption girl working. Anyone know who she is?

  102. How many guys who visit here have girlfriends at home? Too many!!! Greedy fuckwits

  103. Hi I’,m 73. lost my wife a year ago. I need some sex in my life I’m impotent, I think. Maybe a sexy girl can make me stiff? I just need to spend some loving time and most likely will need and want oral sex, giving more than receiving. I quite like the thought of female intimacy but the thought of another male having ejaculated in her turns me off. Do you think you can offer me something? I prefer small breasts over large. I’m think if you can help me, I need to spend time with someone just after they have started their shift.

  104. Looking at the 2 girls 30 min special. Do you have 2 girls on today that work well together to provide a REAL lesbian show? :)

  105. “This forum is intended for fair and reasonable exchanges of view. 142 will not tolerate unsubstantiated innuendo, profanity or expressions of violence. Any such postings will be removed by management”

    • If you like big feet go Sakura. Just watch out when she turn around for 69er she doesn’t kick you in the head…

      • And when you’re not watching, she’ll slam it with her knee to really get some distance up there….

  106. Is Monica still at 142? She hasn’t had her name for a long time on the roster, I hope there is still a chance to see her.

  107. Is Mimi still working at 142? have not seen her name for a long time, i would like to see her again soon>

    • Mia on top. She reigns supreme. distant second is..
      Yomi but when can I get a booking? (Never) so shouldn’t be on my list.
      PARIS , I want to start a partition for her return.
      Shirley for weekends.
      JOY when I’m already high.
      Honey , H.H.H hot horny honey.

      Then Eva , Momo ,Annie , Co Co , Toffee and Susan.
      Ohh shit where do I fit Sunny in. Women is scary. But so beautiful.

      I think that’s all , faark !!! no wonder I’m exhausted and broke. I first timer on September 14. And then there’s another list for 533.

  108. Do you require your girls to be health tested regularly, and do you require producing a certificate of attendance?

  109. Hey do you have any big women? Also can the dominate me please instead of me fucking them?

  110. You all know you scrapping the bottom of the barrel over the next few weeks….just saying:)

  111. There’s been an influx of negative comments recently, and primarily from just a few blokes. Even to the point where the name might be different, but the post itself is the same on several girls pages.
    “Clock watcher”
    “Time waster”
    “Are the girls checked?”
    Sure, everyone’s mileage varies with the girls. A bad experience is very likely if the punter goes there day after day seeing different ladies every time.
    What I would say is if the same guy keeps posting negative all the time, maybe it’s not really the girls that are the issue? Maybe the bloke being the common denominator is actually the problem?
    Just saying.
    Personally never had a bad experience. A couple of ordinary ones, sure, but never bad. Over time you’ll find a girl, or two or three, that you will ‘click’ with. Most times, those girls will actually introduce you to a ‘friend’ who they think you’ll hit it off with. That’s how I got to know Sunny, Selina, Star, and several others. Trust them sometimes, but if you’re a dud, then you’ll probably get hospital passed on to a newbie. Is what it is.
    Happy punting!

  112. I have been overseas for a few weeks.
    I saw some top Ladies during my trip, but none of them came close to providing the great times that I share with Yomi.
    She is a Kind, Sexy, Hot Lady.

  113. I had to write another post about Yomi.
    I wanted to be the one to post the 100th comment about her.
    She has received so many great complimentary posts, they are all fully deserved.
    I look forward to spending time with her again very soon.

  114. For some reason, I am unable to write these comments on Yomi’s Page.
    I have tried several times without success.
    I click on, I am not a Robot and the post disappears. 😡.

    • Do the ‘Im not a robot’ thing first then type the message.

      And totally agreed with comments on Yomi.

  115. Thanks for your help, Joe Bob.
    It worked.
    I’m very pleased that I could post these comments about Yomi.

      • She has beautiful feet, long thin legs and personality to boot. Good sense of humour and knows how to care for her client. If I could have back half of all the OneMoreHours she has gotten out of me , I’d be on the happy punting hunt with you.

  116. Is the timetable accurate and updated frequently? I will go to the shop according to it.

  117. Is Lisa only doing Sundays at the moment? Or will she do some week days.

  118. At this time there are 110 girls on 5 pages on the shop website. Some of the girls have been gone for more than 2 1/2 years. Such as Sandy who left in January 2017. Maybe time for a clean out of the website.

  119. I haven’t been for a couple years last time I came I saw a lady that was a bbw Ozzie girl does anyone known if they still have any bbw girls available

  120. Managed to do a super double with the power girls Vivian and Kikki. Amazing bodies, beautiful personalities and attentive to every request. One of the best experiences Ive had at 142. “Shut up and take my money !” Both these girls will full-fill every desire you wish and take you to new and exciting places. The girls at 142 are amazing at their work and if there is something you don’t like just let them know or management, its makes their jobs so much easier and fulfilling. The desk staff have seen it all and are only too happy to discuss any requests you may have. Congratulations on the new room upgrades.. Remember to respect the women and they will return it 10 fold. Well done girls, management and team at 142, a true industry leader.

    • That’s my question too bro, it sucks they’re down maintenance, when do you open ?can’t wait to see vivian again

  121. I believe that we should comment here with where the girls are working now so we can keep supporting the girls we like, as this shop will probably not reopen anytime soon.

    • True, it will be slow at first but id like to get my hands on the idiots that screwed it up

  122. If it reopens will QQ be there still? She’s the most amazing woman. I have to experience her one more time.

  123. Star says she gas been taking a break for the last couple of months regardless of events. No firm plans to come back as yet.

      • Lets just be happy its open again, we hope mina is fine and that the trouble makers are gone for good

        • Troublemakers are still lurking. ‘Ben’ asking which girls are partiers… in nearly every page.

  124. Glad to see you cleaning up the keyboard warriors. I applaud it. Get rid off them. Good to see you looking after the real ones. The loyal and long time customers. Those who been rock solid with you. Through it all. I love you all.

    • I agree brother, it’s a noble thing they do protecting girls from these trolls.

  125. Number one you sound egotistical, bound to loose. V.I.N.T.A some credit for creativity but what was seeming like a schoolyard scrap has like all testosterone charged feuds gotten out of control. Can I suggest some sort of “ chill the fuck out boys”. Before things get to the point of no return.

    • This forum is for comments and questions about the shop only. Any other comments, arguments or personal attacks on other users will be removed immediately.

  126. Hey can of the girls in the roster do anal dfk and golden shower? If yes pls let me know who all thanks so i can make a booking thanks….

  127. Is this place good to go to as a virgin? And who would you recommend

    • There’s no one a single girl at this brothel all are women more than 35 years old and those you are younger than 35 are not good.

      I almost visited all the girls in this brothel none of them are looked like yhe pictures available on website. Literally none of them.

    • Ohhh please don’t do it my friend , I can’t imagine anything worse.!! ……… yourself for something real….. this place is just for desperate dingbats who have no hope of anything other than getting fucked over……Honestly 🙏.

    • Sunny is in China currently , returned there after she left Melbourne. But intends to return when she can. Spoke to her

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