Sophia  middle 20s /  D cup  / 160cm / size 5 /  call for more information 0410883855


11 thoughts on “Sophia

    • Mina is in business. Your chosen user name explains a lot. Maybe leave that feedback on the shop page?

  1. I really have no idea what the above rubbish has to do with Sofia.
    Spent 2 hours in heaven with this lovely lady.
    If you treat a lady as a piece of meat you deserve what you get.
    Treat her as a lady and you will be rewarded.

  2. There’s been an influx of negative comments recently, and primarily from just a few blokes. Even to the point where the name might be different, but the post itself is the same on several girls pages.
    “Clock watcher”
    “Time waster”
    “Are the girls checked?”
    Sure, everyone’s mileage varies with the girls. A bad experience is very likely if the punter goes there day after day seeing different ladies every time.
    What I would say is if the same guy keeps posting negative all the time, maybe it’s not really the girls that are the issue? Maybe the bloke being the common denominator is actually the problem?
    Just saying.
    Personally never had a bad experience. A couple of ordinary ones, sure, but never bad. Over time you’ll find a girl, or two or three, that you will ‘click’ with. Most times, those girls will actually introduce you to a ‘friend’ who they think you’ll hit it off with. That’s how I got to know Sunny, Selina, Star, and several others. Trust them sometimes, but if you’re a dud, then you’ll probably get hospital passed on to a newbie. Is what it is.
    Happy punting!

    • I’d guess you’re lucky or easily pleased. I only post honest comments to help guide other punters. I’ve seen only Susan and Honey and posted honest comments giving Susan a huge wrap and calling Honey for her average performance and don’t waste your time. I agree with you that if you find a good one it’s a positive to go back but it’s not marriage so variety is the huge benefit of seeing working girls.

  3. Had the advantage of meeting Sophia over a cigarette in the courtyard. I got a read on her and I won’t be spending my hard earned there.
    Disengaging to the point of being rude. Thanks for the light sweetheart.

  4. I could not have been more wrong. Commication era. I totally take back my above comment and eat humble pie.

    Girlfriend Experience too good, I’am absolutely besotted.

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