Hi, my name is Star. I’m in my mid 20’s.
I’m a tall, taut and terrific size 7 with soft natural C cup breasts that love to be kissed tenderly. Do it right and you’ll send me crazy.
I’m from a beautiful mountain city on the mighty Yangtze River in China where I worked as a super model before I came to meet you!

I’m a very passionate lover and respond enthusiastically to the gentle attention of a respectful gentleman.
Star by name Star by nature. I shine at night!! 😜😜😜
I can be your STAR girlfriend or with the right incentive I can be your porn STAR



29 thoughts on “Star

  1. Hi there,
    1/ Is this photo real and actually her? Honesty is always appreciated and expected.

    2/ Is she natural bust or not?

    3/ The rooms need to be kept cleaner


  2. Yes peter , definitely first photo is her
    Natural busty .
    Good session with her . Make her say amazing .

    • Yes, she loves parties. Her balloon animals are the best, and she bakes a hundreds and thousands cake like you wouldn’t believe. Book now for parties and you’ll also receive a discount on pony hire for the kiddies.

    • Yes, absolutely. Her Gluten Free Enchiladas are outrageous and only 256 calories per piece.

  3. Wonderful girl.
    A bit shy to begin but warmed up to the session pretty well. Shapely with natural ‘b’s, English is a work in progress, but committed to giving us a good time. Will definitely be back for more…

  4. She is by far the most genuine and passionate lover at the establishment. I remember the first time I went in for a 1 hour booking, I ended up spending over 4-5 hours with her, worth every penny. Truly delectable, usually when I leave these establishments I’m kicking myself for wasting thousands of dollars, but Star, she is worth it all. I’ve now spent two $1000+ nights with her and I’m already planning the next one..

  5. Thanks Star for helping Annie with training me. Now I know you can do things that show me how you want me to behave. Love you to feed me more and more delicious nectar.

  6. Star is simply amazing. Every time I see her she is new and fresh, don’t know she is magnetic and awesome . Just love to keep going back to her

  7. This lady is hot OMG she just gives in to her passion and what she is feeling. Cant wait to see her again

    • Hi john, was it negative or nasty as they do and should take nasty ones down. My experiences with star have always been good bar one where we were rushed by double booking. I think people can make a negative comment but keep it civil, i didn’t see yours but this is just my opinion

      • Negative in criticism is generally ok but vindictiveness and hostility isn’t. Some of the ones taken down are outright personal attacks and slandering.

        • Agreed. The girls do their best and star in my opinion is one girl who gives 100% to her customer

  8. Going to see my star tonight, cant wait !!! Love this girls attitude to sex, she is a wild one. But at same time can be the most sensuous type when looking into your eyes and just melting u with those long deep kisses.

  9. I cant to get back to sydney so i can see this hot sexy lady, she knows how to satisfy a man and is pure enjoyment in bed and out. Will be booking for atleast two hrs

  10. Wow Star !!! I’m lost for words but I must say something.
    No , words will not do. Not here anyway. Speaking of words we must have spent over an hour on the friging interpreter but anytime with this lady for me is invaluable, dispite the financial hangover I’m suffering Too good ,that shit should not end. I hate this business, I mean I’m not made for it. But alas I know I will return. Definitely for this one. Thanks Honey XOX.

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