24 Years Old

Hongkong. Size 5, cup B, nice looking. She is a fun girl.

30 thoughts on “SUMMER

  1. Lovely girl, very intimate session and easy to talk to. Lots of passionate kisses and touching

  2. It was a hot Summer night, the bed was full of passion, commenced with an intense daty, the juices flowing, so moist, slide up the petite sweating body, catbath along the way, where the love prod parked itself in the garage, and that when the full action started, fuck me hard was her words, and I obliged in all positions possible,
    After an hour of solid impact session, just lay on the bed, going through our phones listening to music,
    Highly recommended, cheers

  3. Thanks for a great time & massage Summer. It was worth the effort you put in. Nice place too!

  4. Summer and Sandy you are the best team. Thank you for everything be happy ladies see you soon.

    The analysts lol

  5. Summer is the HOTTEST! I’m not young, I’m not old; however I have never been with a lady that is so dedicated to please. This amazing young woman has discovered what I love and never fails to deliver. Gorgeous, sensual, affectionate- what a joy. I love to be treated like a King!

  6. Summer I can’t resist you. When I’m with you I never want to leave. Would like to stay all night

  7. Summer, what can I say? If I can’t say anything good about someone I should say nothing at all!! Well I’ve got nothing to say..

      • And those of Rob, please Mina. His comments are more and more painful to read as time passes. He seems to be “out of balance”. You can leave the nicer ones in but he seems to be on a downward spiral. You should get a regular site admin to clean your site regularly. I just realised a friend of yours suggested banning him from the shop for attacking customers who use credit cards? I leave it to you as the boss. Take care as always.

  8. I would like to delete that comment. I am sure it was my fault. I’m sure you do the best job with all your other customers. I’m sorry I wasn’t a good customer for you. Just sorry

  9. I should have just done what you keep telling me: “Fick you”. It doesn’t work if you like me best when I’m sound asleep.

  10. Summer I loved the hours I spent with you today. You are so sexy and very affectionate and you made me feel great. Thanks babe, see you again soon.

  11. Summer is and will always be one of the most generous girls in Mina’s shop. She is very good friends with Mia, and if you have seen Mia, you know what I am talking about! All the best to you Summer. Miss you.

  12. So good to see you yesterday Summer. When I walk in the room and saw your face I knew I had been missing you so much!. Now I am a believer

  13. also my dick fell off once it got cold….

    i wish it was summer again

  14. Haha I think Conserve beginning with M, you shouldn’t pretend to have noble intentions. Stick with who you pretend to be!! I’m the only real Bernie. Bigger and better than you might guess. I think you try to blame the weather for your minuscule or non existent appendage. Mine stands straight and hard and well attached at the substantial base.
    But good news for you M’duke, the girls all say they love: “small dick, cum quick”!!

  15. Dear Summer. Thank you for today. Sometimes just to be able to sit and talk feels as good as sex. You are a beautiful woman. Xxx ☺

    • Summer i had a amazing time. U will be stuck in my head everyday until i see u again. Everything about u is perfect, i couldnt stop smiling from start to finish lol.
      I have lots more to give babe, want to see u smiling and satisfied :)

  16. Welcome back Summer,
    Thank you for a wonderful and enjoyable time together this afternoon.
    Hopefully we can see each other again soon and continue from where we left off.
    Look after yourself young lady.
    Keep smiling and laughing

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