Sunny.  Indonesion and Chinese / Size 7 / Dark Skin / middle 20s   Excellent  service all service  available

Please call 0410883855 for more info and to book.



32 thoughts on “Sunny – Indonesian Chinese Mix

  1. Hooked up with Sunny last weekend. Loved it. Indonesian/Chinese mix. Really beautiful and the most spectacular big natural norks you’ll ever have the delight of witnessing. Gravity defying! Smart, very very horny and a great lady to have a chat with. She can even give a very passable deep massage! She would be a great catch, but hard to manage with a libido so far libido off the scale. God bless her!

  2. Looks like pornstar Priya Rai. Great bj skills and lovely personality. I will be back.

  3. Wow what a stunner. Pretty face with perfect boobs and a rock hard bum. Gave the best blowjob and genuinely enjoys what she is doing. Great personality too. The best sex I have ever had. I will definately be back to see her soon

  4. Hooked up with Sunny last night I picked her cause she was the only busty Asian girl out of the lot didnt look fake either genuinely drop dead gorgeous at first it felt like she was shy but once we were alone she became a sex goddesses absolutely amazing best sex ive ever had in my life she was like a tigersers and after we finshed i didnt felt like i was rushed out we had an awsome chat after ill be back tmr :)

  5. I had to go back to check I wasn’t dreaming. Wow! Sunny is awesome. Please don’t book her, I want her all to myself !

    • The costume in question was the leather strappy thing, highlighting her fantastic body. Open cups, and a leather thong.

  6. Sunny all our sessions have been special and wild. I will miss them. No girl at 142 has made me feel so completely done sexually. You simply turn me on from the moment I walk through the door.

  7. Privileged enough to have the pleasure of seeing this beautiful woman. First thing she asked me about what my sex fantasies were… Mind. Blown.
    Three hours later and I still couldn’t get enough of her.

  8. Please let us know when sunny will return. She is worth having in shop and all her customers feel the loss of her not being present.

  9. Poor Brad.
    Sunny is sensational and heavily in demand.
    Try introspection.

  10. I will call myself John S in future to separate me and my comments from John.

  11. Tony
    Just had an amazing session with this wonderful girl. I don’t even want to tell others because I want her all to myself. One of the best ever.

  12. You rock you crazy nympho. Love you Sunny. Sensational, time after time.

  13. If every man had his own Sunny, what a wonderful world it would be.
    My fantasy in reality.

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