Susan early 20s/ DCup / 165cm / from HongKong speek very well English  excellent service new call for more information 0410883855


12 thoughts on “Susan

  1. This Lady is truly a remarkable Soul, shes the “BOMB” anyone working in this industry knows its soul destroying to most Whom remain in it for a while.
    She’s Beautiful attentive caring and fun to share some time with!!!
    I’ve never encountered a lady in this line of work as FANTASTIC as Susan!
    We love you and will miss you and i only Hope you may return and if you Do Will You Marry Me…?
    Said jokingly … But i am SERIOUS!
    the cast was broken after this beautiful woman was created!
    i want her all to myself!

  2. Best girl I had so far. She pays so much attention to you. Amazing kisser. Do anything you please. Highly recommended.

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