Susan early 20s/ DCup / 165cm / from HongKong speek very well English  excellent service new call for more information 0410883855


25 thoughts on “Susan

      • How she gets involved with customer, she comes across as enjoying herself almost like its not a job.

        • Those are the best times. When they don’t keep looking at the clock. When the buzzer interrupts them having a great time.

          • Tell you what. I reckon I’ve wanted to destroy that buzzer so many times and whoevers ringing that f…..g thing.

  1. This Lady is truly a remarkable Soul, shes the “BOMB” anyone working in this industry knows its soul destroying to most Whom remain in it for a while.
    She’s Beautiful attentive caring and fun to share some time with!!!
    I’ve never encountered a lady in this line of work as FANTASTIC as Susan!
    We love you and will miss you and i only Hope you may return and if you Do Will You Marry Me…?
    Said jokingly … But i am SERIOUS!
    the cast was broken after this beautiful woman was created!
    i want her all to myself!

  2. Best girl I had so far. She pays so much attention to you. Amazing kisser. Do anything you please. Highly recommended.

  3. Spent 1.5 hrs with Susan last Sat at the recommendation of the receptionist as I was tired of seeing girls that just didn’t care about the client. She was everything and more promised. Even though I’d question if it’s her in the photo she is a wonderful caring girl. Gave me a big hug and sensual kiss as soon as I entered the room. Amazing kisser so got a fantastic GFE. Sex was amazing she really got into it. Asked her for a massage and she honestly admitted she wasn’t good at it and she was right LOL. Susan is good!!!

      • Yeah , I just want to add my endorsement too the above. Can’t comment on the sex part as I was just happy even satisfied with just kissing and conversing with this well rounded woman. Was a few months back now and unfortunately She hasn’t taken up my offer for a date. Anyway… she helped me to feel good about myself. Cheers Susan you are the shit.

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Susan,
    Beautiful young lady
    Looking forward to seeing her again soon

  5. Hey guys, can anyone confirm this is Susan from Springhouse in Sydenham?

  6. Looking forward to seeing this lady today. She is sexy wild a real wild fuck , the best in place

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