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Hornsby 142 | Sexy Ladies

Mid-20s, slim size 5, small girl but a pocket from HK very flexible, with a little PSE . Good English skills and some top reviews from punts. If you want an energetic time then book to see Yomi. 

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106 thoughts on “YOMI

  1. Just wondering do you take bookings for massage & bondage for around 1 1/2 hrs. Thanks.

  2. Saw yomi, a wild young lady, good service, walked out satisfied and exhausted, cheers

  3. What is Yomi’s availability over the next 2 weeks, if she is confirmed as working Tuesdays and Thursdays I will arrange to see her.

  4. Passionate and vibrant lover. Makes you feel at home and doesn’t hesitate to make playful suggestions to spice up your experience. *very energetic

    • is this her personal phone no. and is she happy with you putting it out on a public forum?

      • She advertised on another forum doing in out calls, I have seen her on the side, cheers

        • Hornsby now is becoming to busy, I will try to know more about the ladies, what they do and where they, and make appointments with them, see alternative places.

          • Hi David.
            Are you sure that this is the correct Yomi/Yumi who normally works at 142 on Tuesdays and Thursdays ?
            I know that she works elsewhere but I am surprised about the Outcalls.


  5. Hi, the ladies working in the game are here to make money by any means they can, some have been in the industry awhile, some are on holidays visa and short term gain, it is up to the individual how they make their fortunes on our needs
    Recently, I have been let down by 142, and like someone else, there are other places to go
    I tried to talk to mina, so far no response
    What more can I say

    • Easy tiger,
      I know, I used to be a regular and enjoy the friendly service, it has changed.
      I was the punter who was told to take my business somewhere else, and last I was told not to come to the shop, and on last visit couple weeks ago I arrived, wait for the lady to become available,she saw me,show no interest, and I walked out. The shop has become complacent with the regulars, and greedy with new customers.
      So I am vetting my opinion, and so far no feedback

      • Just to let you know the lady was not yumi, another lady who is constantly roster, cheers

      • i beg to differ Steve.i’ve been going to this shop for quite a while now.sometimes 2-3 times per week, sometimes i don’t go for a couple of months.each & every time i have received exceptional service, from both Amanda & the girls.as well as trying out new girls, i also have 3 girls who i see regularly.each time i see them they give me more.in my opinion 142 is one of the better shops in sydney.
        maybe the service you receive says more about you then them.

        • Thanks for the kind feedback. Many new girls every week. Welcome to see you again.

  6. Hi again David. Have you seen Yomi from 142 recently.
    I am just wondering if you are referring to another lady called Yomi.
    There are many ladies with this name who advertise Outcalls.
    I know Yomi from 142 very very well and I see her at other shops too.
    I don’t know how she would have the time or energy to do Outcalls.
    The phone number above is different from the one that I use regularly to contact Yomi.
    I guess that she could have more than one phone.
    Maybe it was a while ago.
    Any information would be appreciated.

  7. Hi David,
    Please ignore my last post 16th Feb. I tried to delete it but I cannot.
    Maybe I should not be discussing Yomi on this public thread.
    She is a lovely lady and I have had the pleasure of spending many happy hours with her.

  8. Last word from me on Yomi (142).
    I do not like discussing Yomi on this open comments page but we have a good relationship and I like to see accuracy and fairness towards Yomi (142).
    I spent time with Yomi (142) today.
    I showed her these comments. She was amazed !!
    We rang the Outcall phone number shown in a previous comment.
    I spoke to (Outcall) Yomi.
    They are different ladies !!!!
    I hope that this restores any credibility that Yomi (142) May have lost due to previous comments.

  9. Popped in today as was working in the area,shop was busy as usual.Mina multi tasking as usual,said Yomi available soon Ok! Into room shower and Yomi arrives,very petite,long hair and has those deep brown eyes i love.DFK to start then straight to DATY Outstanding!! at one point Yomi had a vice like grip on my head with her thighs.Out with the toys,selection made.Game on various positions follow with plenty of DFK as we go.All round good time with a great lady who is service orientated and pleasant.Maybe a double with Heidi????

  10. do your girls have regular helth checks .and do they have the doctors cetificates

  11. hi what time is yomi working tomorrow.also is aussie Jenna working tomorrow

  12. Wow, I was with Yomi last night and it I had a fantastic time. Stunning body, beautiful looks and a total girl friend experience. Thanks Yomi; you rock babe… ;-

  13. Great to see Yomi back after her break.
    For me, one of the top Ladies at 142.
    I travel a long way to see Yomi,
    It is always well worth the trip.

  14. Mina certainly knows how to run her business and makes sure that there are plenty of beautiful and talented ladies with complete focus on making customers happy!!!!

    For me (and many others), the most beautiful and talented is Yomi and I have had the enormous pleasure of seeing her several times…
    I suspect that many of her visitors hesitate to recommend Yomi because they fear that she will be even busier than she currently is. Indeed that is the dilemma for Mina…. so many good girls with so many ardent followers and so few hours in the day…………

    I read a comment once that this beautiful woman lacked the confidence to believe she could be as good a companion as her enthusiastic followers declare….Yomi says that others do not agree……. What? are they blind… and without any nerve endings !!?!!

    Gorgeous Yomi leaves me with a smile on my face for days and days!!!!!!!! Bliss!!!!!

    What goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. Simply said, Yomi knows both what I need and what she wants.
    Yomi delivers absolute satisfaction by the truck load !!!
    Each and every visit is different and, somehow so incredible that the previous visit, which was the best time ever, is surpassed.

    Do I recommend this awesome Lady?? NO!!!!!

    I want to keep her for myself !!!!!!!!!!


  15. I agree with Ian. Mina does an amazing job. It is a complicated balancing act to take care of us all. There is nothing wrong with some waiting, we should learn to enjoy it. Yomi was great taking care of me last Wed- Thursday. I really want her to do more work on me when she can fit me in. Some enjoyable waiting will be appreciated also

  16. I had such a beautiful time with you this week Yumi. You and Annie were so good together. Can’t wait till I can see you again soon.

  17. Saw yomi on Wednesday. She is the absolute best. The pleasure was immense. She did everything I wanted with great skill. The bed and both of us were covered in lube and juice when we finished. Totally unhurried.

  18. Wow today Yomi. You are my tiger and I am your lamb. Can’t wait till our next feast. Thank you, so beautiful and wild

  19. Wow, finally got to meet the beautiful Yomi I was definitely blown away with this gorgeous lady I want to tell the world of our experience but as others say “what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors”. Such beautiful long hair. The hour went so fast and not able to extend. Mina asked if I was happy, over the moon. Looking forward to seeing Yomi again

  20. Yomi is without a doubt a hot little machine i never rush it and always leave time with her
    4 hours the first time
    3 hours the second time
    Mina knows her clients well she always allocates an extra hour just in case she knows I’ll always extend past my booking time. Ive seen most girls there but she is the no 1 girl for sure and ive been all over Sydney and know most of them and have there direcr numbers to book

    • Would 142 management
      Please delete the last 2 so called reviews
      We don’t need this sort of profanity language written here

  21. Dear Yomi, what a beautiful delightful lady you are. I met you once before, not only did you remember me but told me it was almost 3 months ago. I was so surprised when I asked if you would shower with me, yes darling! Heavenly spoilt having a shower with this nymph. It has taken so long to see her again. We had the most wonderful 90 mins together. Wanted to extend but Yomi was booked out. Everything was so special, so passionate. Beautiful continuous eye contact. An absolute dynamo on steroids. It was a struggle walking up the hill after our time together. Will be back to see you again without fail.

  22. Dear Yomi, what more can I say, you are the perfect Angle. I can’t add to that. So much fun together. Will see you again soon.

  23. Been too long between visits with you Yomi!! First met 21 Dec then 30 Dec and 14 Jan. Must find a way to catch up with you soon

  24. Dear Yomi, such a wonderful experience again with my smiley cheeky Angel.Had to extend to enjoy your passionate embracesses. What a fantastic professional massage, a true masseuse. Will be back to be with you again soon.

    • Thank you for your lovely report. Looking forward to see you again.

  25. Yomi, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Look forward to seeing your cheeky smiles again when you return.

  26. Gorgeous girl with exceptional talents.Best girl ive had so far at Hornsby142

  27. Alan on September 6, 2016
    It was wonderful to have a long session with Yomi today.
    I was privileged to be her first customer on her first day back after her break. (I made my booking some time ago).
    She has lost none of her skills, always a Top Session every time, with this Special Lady.

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    • My impression of Yomi was not just great skills, but a great attitude and very pleasant to talk to. Unfortunately I could only have half an hour, as she was not unexpectedly very busy.

  28. You are correct Ken.
    Yomi is a classy Lady.
    I have been seeing her for a few years now, at her previous work places as well as 142.
    I travel a long way from South of Sydney to see her.
    This will give you an indication of how highly I rate her.
    I am not young, so for me, it is not just about the sex in the sessions.
    I love Yomi’s other qualities too.
    That’s what keeps me coming back to see her.

    • Yes, I can agree Yomi is one very classy lady. Can’t wait to see her again after her holiday

  29. Dear Yomi, thank you for a wonderful experience with you today, my true Angel. The time went so fast. Glad you had a wonderful holiday.

  30. You are the most wonderful lady i have met. Happy Valentines Day. Would like to meet you again soon. Smell the roses.

  31. Yumi I had such a beautiful time with you. Cant wait to see you again soon

  32. Seeing you today was so so much fun. Being with you is always the most exciting time.
    Will see you again soon!!!

  33. Had the pleasure of meeting Yomi again today. She is one perfect lady the manner she goes about making sure you are well looked after. We had such a wonderful passionate time with my teacher. The hours just go so quickly with this perfect gorgeous Angel. Happy belated Easter darling.

  34. A+ Student – Graduation. Thank you Yomi for the final lessons to complete my Graduation. Being with you once again takes life to a new meaning. We have so much fun together. Today was different to other times we have been together. You are my perfect Angel

  35. I want to be best student in Yomi’s class. Working hard to be top of class

  36. Thank you Yomi for fitting me in yesterday and today. You have such a busy schedule, I must try harder to book further ahead and not just be always in such a rush to see you when I get the chance $$ to cum to see you.

  37. Thank you so much
    Wonderful time enjoying ourselves this afternoon
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon

  38. Thanks for new thing you teach Yomi on Tuesday. She tried it out with me tonight. She was so much fun to be with

  39. Thank you for the time we had Yomi. As Dylan says: “I laugh and I cry and I’m haunted by, things I never meant or wished to say” Yomi time with you is: “More frailer than the flowers, these precious hours, That keep us so tightly bound.* Yomi, you come to my eyes like a vision from the skies. And I’ll be with you when the deal goes down.

  40. Dear Yomi, thank you for a wonderful time together once more. You are the most professional lady, so cheeky and so much fun to be with. Loved to see you show your muscles and strength – so horny. Sorry it was soo long since our last time together. You are still my Angel- cant stop dreaming about you, will see you again soon. Like you told me, I need more lessons, lol. xxx

  41. Saw Yomi today.
    Wow blew my mind and body
    What a gal.
    The most professional session I have ever had
    Will diffently come back to see her
    Just a magical and words can just not explain
    Thanks Yomi

  42. Rang to book Yomi for next Friday afternoon – Vicky said sorry Darling, Yomi booked out for your time. Looked at meeting next week – hadn’t seen Yomi for weeks, can’t wait. hanged and met her today. Booked for 90 mins. Arrived and Mina said Yomi waiting for you. You should stay 2 hours- agreed with Mina. Up to her room and into the waiting arms of my Angel. lots of kisses and cuddles. Yomi made me re apply for my graduation certificate as she said it had expired – lol. Loads of fun together to regain my A++ certificate. Darling, have a happy 21st Birthday and holiday till I see you again.

  43. Had a chance to be with Yomi on Saturday morning, she told me my certificate had expired and had to be renewed. We had to go through the whole learning process again. Was only going to stay for 1 hour, but needed 2 hours to complete all the lessons. Yomi is the most passionate and wonderful professional lady I have met. Have a wonderful holiday Angel. See you when you come back

  44. Darling, you are TOP or the roster list, lol.
    Glad to be back with you now you are back from holidays. You know I booked for 1 hr, Naughty Vicky convinced me to change to 90 mins, but once together in your magic arms, had to change to 2 hrs. Never know that 2 hr was soooo short. What a wonderful time with you again. Your look even more ravishing.

  45. What is there to say
    Your one of a kind.
    Had an enjoyable time with you today.
    As always our visits are never long enough.
    Just magical
    Love you heaps

  46. Made a 1 hr booking to see Yomi. Rang to confirm and naughty Vicky said I should stay for 2 hrs, she had allowed for the extra time in my booking so Yomi and I could enjoy the longer moment together. When I arrived Vicky convinced me to stay for the 2 hours. Again, I have never known for 2 hours to go so fast. We had a wonderful time together, again and again.

  47. Made a booking to see my special lady, Vicky said how long, 1 hr. Vicky told me she book me for 2 hours. Hmmm, haven’t got that time today Miss Vicky….
    Arrived just before time and Vicky said -You Sure – 1 hr.
    Up to famous #3. She is waiting in a new outfit, WOW. She is one magic lady. We embrace, then shower and then all went like a blur. All I remember is at 45 mins saying to Yomi, please extend for another 45 mins, then for another 15mins. Yes 2 hours was still toooo short. 6 hours later I am still on Cloud 9. Yomi is the most genuine lady I have had the pleasure to meet. I would take her home in an instant. Thank you Darling.

  48. Good night Yomi
    Thank you for a wonderful time this evening. You are lovely young with a beautiful smile.
    Enjoy being with you and the pleasures we endure is full of joy and happiness
    You a delicious and delightful and energetic young lady
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Hopefully sooner.
    Keep smiling and laughing
    Good night
    Steve 🌺🌹🌷🌻🎀

  49. Dear Yomi, wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for so many wonderful experiences and times together during this year. Just look after J’ adore, my sweet angel.
    You are my perfect Angel

  50. You guys have to get a grip. Yes Yomi/Yumi is great fun. But the way you guys are carrying on is like you are in love. Understand fellas she is doing her job. Quoting poetry and calling her your angel is a bit ridiculous. I have seen her on many occasions and walked away more than satisfied.
    Get control of your emotions fellas. Think about what you are doing. Does she even read these comments?
    I am just saying this is her work. Don’t get to carried away.

  51. I made the mistake of posting this in Shop View on Monday 16/4/18 instead of Yomi’s page.

    I have just had a three hour session with Yomi.
    I have been oversees recently and I had not seen her for three weeks.
    In our session today, Yomi showed me how much she had missed me.
    She is a class act, every session is Special with this Beautiful Lady.

    I never tire of seeing her

  52. this women loves to make a bloke feel speacial. All my bookings with Yomi have been awesome.

  53. Stop The Clock.
    What is wrong with you.?
    Are you trying to cause problems for Yomi.
    How dare you post where she lives. !!
    I strongly suggest that you get this deleted as soon as possible.

  54. Great Work 142.
    I am very happy to see that Stop the Clock’s potentially damaging post about Yomi has been deleted. 👌👌.

    • It’s happening more and more often. These posts about health and private lives. The girls might feel like they meet a bloke who is understanding of the life, but it’s tarely the case.

      I encourage the better natured guys on forums to check regularly and report any more ‘shit posts’ whenever they see them.

      • Yomi would have to be one of the most genuine and honest ladies you could meet. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for several years.

  55. 142, please delete the comments made by the imbecile “Stop the Clock”. He deserves a “clocking”.

  56. I have been overseas for a few weeks.
    During my trip I spent time with some lovely Ladies.
    They were very good but did not come close to the great sessions that I share with Yomi.
    She is a Kind, Sexy, Hot Lady.

  57. I had to add another comment about Yomi.
    I wanted to be the one who posted her 100th comment.
    She has received so many complimentary comments, all of them fully deserved.
    I consider myself very fortunate to have met her a few years ago and I have followed her to various work places.
    For me, she sets the Benchmark that few other Ladies can attain.

  58. My garlic bread get very big when i book this one. I book for one hour, yet i squirt the good butter 4 times before 5 minutes! She is very good, It is like put garlic bread into hot oven, the butter, it come very quick.

  59. I had the pleasure of spending time with this amazing, caring, sensual beautiful lady.
    If you treat her with respect and kindness she deserves you will have an amazing time As I did.
    Thank you Yomi!!!

  60. I saw Yomi, my long time favourite Lady today after a long absence.
    It was a Special Occasion so I had to see her.
    It was a very “Romantic” reunion.
    For me, she still sets the Standard that few other Ladies can achieve.

    There are lots of complimentary comments above about Yomi, she deserves them all.
    She is a very Special, Kind Lady.

  61. Glad to get to see Yomi again after several months. What a wonderful meeting after so long Arranged for 1 hour but naughty Vicky told me I should have 2 hours with Yomi. The time went so quickly with such a wonderful lady. Best lady at 142.

  62. Yomi is a truely amazing gorgeous young beautiful lady!
    Treat her with respect and gentleness and she will make all your dreams and wishes come true. Always a pleasure to this beautiful lady.

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