Yoyo is a uni school girl. C cup, early 20’s, has lots of energy to burn, size 6. She works part time, one of the youngest girl in 142


12 thoughts on “YOYO 19yo(10am-6pm)

  1. Hi Folks
    Just had to put something to paper regarding this wonderful lady.
    Saw her last weekend and she is a joy to be will.
    Beautiful figure , lovely (smaller but wonderful ) breasts, great legs and very attractive.
    Able to carry on a conversation.
    Overall a very excellent service.
    Be back soon.

  2. I thought I’d written a comment but its not posted? I can recommend YoYo. She just needs ‘careful and considerate handling’. V good English.

  3. WOW , this chick is from a different planet. Definitely worth 160 bucks to travel there. Somewhat unsure of herself sexually but if looks could kill, she’d be leathal. Great to talk with , positivity plus and awesome laugh. Striking young lady who was lots of fun. Spin me anytime Yo Yo.

      • Well reg mate , she is still youthful. In my humble opinion to my (our) detriment. Still too shy.

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